Comedic Rapper F-one the Don happy to tell Young M.A.’s source of inspiration for “Oooouuu”

November 15, 2019 – There is no one like F-One the Don who can rap at the top of his game one day and bring the fun in the next. His latest escapade features none other than the young M.A., who identifies as gay.

In his new content, F-One the Don cracks up about the distant times before Young M.A.’s new identity. “We used to enjoy ourselves in the past, if you know what I mean. She probably learned that ‘Oooouuuuu’ song from me after all that transpired. It’s hard to lose her to the other side,” said F-One the Don.

Watch F-one the Don, the ‘Faceless Rapper’, reveal M.A. like no one does:

F-one the Don is currently planning his upcoming tour in Summer 2020, and fans can expect some crazy stuff coming their way. Those who have seen and heard the Don, know that he is unique, underground, and inimitable. So, he is called the “Faceless Rapper”.

Here is F-one the Don in his unique freestyle singing:

For over a year now, F-one the Don has been busy working on himself. He is into networking, and talking to some great people, and can also be heard on Coast2Coast mixtapes. His fanbase can be found on MySpace, YouTube and Soundclick.

On the musical front, F-one the Don has released two free mixtapes, “02/01” and “Revenge”. Eagerly awaited the new album, ‘Da Faceless’ and ‘Warrior Spirit’. He has also invented ‘Clap Beats’, the new style and a new kind of beats.

F-one the Don has the swag because he is a ‘Complete’ artist, as he has mastered songwriting, audio production, mastering, mixing, and he’s also a video director.

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