Promotes Winter Boho Clothes, Trends & Ideas Promotes Winter Boho Clothes, Trends & Ideas

During the warmer months, boho styles are seen everywhere; festivals, concerts, street fairs, you name it. While the boho trend is heavily associated with the spring and summer months, you can still pull off boho fashion trends in the winter. The main goal is to keep the outfit warm and practical, but also stylish and in line with the current styles. There are many ways to take a winter outfit and transform it into a boho-chic look for the cold seasons. Jumpsuits were a festival favorite at Flog Gnaw this season.


In the winter, it’s all about layers, especially when it’s negative ten degrees with snow on the ground. Since layering is already a huge part of boho fashion, it’s the perfect way to implement boho style into your winter wardrobe. Try layering a peasant blouse with a fringed jacket and a beaded scarf. Wear suede trousers, a hat, and tie the whole outfit together with a pair of ankle boots. If you want to implement the epitome of boho clothes; long, flowing skirts; then wear a pair of leggings underneath for extra warmth. Remember, your outfit doesn’t have to scream “boho” on every piece. A few subtle touches will transform your outfit into a winter boho dream


When it’s freezing outside, a peasant blouse and a vest simply won’t do. Instead, opt for other boho-inspired items such as large tribal printed capes or shawls or knitted cardigans. According to, these outerwear items look beautiful when paired with peasant blouses, plain white t-shirts, tiered flowing skirts, and even distressed denim (with leggings underneath, of course).  Alternatively, you can opt for leather or suede jackets or coats and if you want to take it up a notch, pick up one that has a touch of fringe. Knowing how to dress bohemian chic will make it easier to know what winter pieces to choose.


Your accessories can take a regular winter outfit to a gorgeous boho ensemble in a pinch. Just add wood jewelry, embroidered handbags, or jeweled vests. Feather earrings and wide floppy hats are a must-have for any winter boho wardrobe. Since it’s likely too cold for sandals, you can opt for tall boots or ankle boots paired with thick wool socks. Cropped fur vests and leather belts will also add a nice boho touch to your outfit. Places like Bittersweet Boutique specialize in boho outfits and can inspire different pieces that will make your outfit stand out.

Look at Trends

For extra resources and more winter boho inspiration, just look at what people are wearing at fall events. If you wanted to stay on-trend, you could pick up a few jumpsuits and dress them up in true boho style; think vests, boots, maybe a fringe bag. Boho fashion is a continuously growing trend and it won’t be on its way out any time soon.

Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean that you can’t keep wearing your favorite boho pieces. Forget waiting for the summer to break out your favorite fashion pieces. No matter what the weather is like, you can always pull off boho fashion while keeping it warm and comfortable.

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