Kansas City Residents Check for Furnace Repair Needs as Winter Approaches

Kansas City Residents Check for Furnace Repair Needs as Winter Approaches

Winters can be brutal in the Midwest, so a working heating system is not negotiable. Furnaces are sturdy pieces of equipment, but, over time, they may experience technical problems that require repair. When the furnace isn’t working, the home isn’t warm, so the problem must get fixed right away. There are few furnace repairs a homeowner can do on their own such as changing their filter or light the pilot. However, other problems require the assistance of a professional.

Uneven Heating

The entire home should be close to the temperature on the thermostat. When a furnace is heating a home unevenly, fixing the problem could be as simple as moving furniture away from the air vents or as complicated as needing to replace the furnace or ductwork.

Most times, the problem lies somewhere in between. This is a common problem that the professionals from LBA Services work with regularly. A homeowner should first make sure there are no obstructions blocking the vents anywhere in the home and then change the filter on the furnace. If those steps don’t resolve the problem, it’s essential to contact an HVAC professional right away.

High Heating Bills

Heating bills sometimes increase due to the increased cost of natural gas. However, if a family’s heating bills are substantially higher from one year to the next and higher than their neighbors, the problem may lie with their furnace. Over time, furnaces lose their efficiency. Regular maintenance can delay this and extend the life of the equipment but, eventually, the heating appliance will require replacement. Homeowners whose heating bills are too high can visit https://www.lbaservices.com/ to learn more about replacing their equipment. The savings a new furnace offers could help the family recoup the installation costs over time.


An old or damaged furnace might make unusual noises. Sometimes, those noises sound like knocking or whining. These sounds are a cause for concern and should be addressed quickly. Other sounds are normal and don’t require an immediate visit from an HVAC technician. Humming or chirping noises, for example, are common and aren’t cause for alarm.

A furnace suddenly making unusual noises should be turned off, and the homeowner should visit here to have it looked at by a technician as soon as possible. In many cases, this problem can be avoided with an annual tune-up. During the routine maintenance visit, the technician will examine all the moving parts to ensure nothing requires repair before the heating season starts.

LBA Services is committed to ensuring the residents of Kansas City are comfortable in their homes. Every employee lives by the company’s values of honesty, respect, and teamwork, to name a few. They pride themselves on being of service to the customer and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to prove it.

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