Explains How Drug Laws and Drug Tests Affect the Nation Explains How Drug Laws and Drug Tests Affect the Nation

Some drugs and their derivatives have been making quite a few headlines in recent years for a number of reasons. In many cases, those news stories and write-ups are touting the effectiveness for treating a wide range of medical conditions. Other times, the headlines revolve around states deciding to legalize drugs. Still, other articles focus on whether any of these aspects should’ve come into play to begin with.

Taking a Look at the Numbers

On last count, more than half the states in America had legalized some drugs to some extent. Some are allowed for medical purposes alone whereas others have decriminalized recreational use. Other things, on the other hand, are now considered legal in all 50 states. While this is good news for those looking for something to help manage anxiety, IBD, asthma, and other conditions, it’s also causing a great deal of confusion and, in some cases, more in-depth problems.

Digging Deeper into the Current Issue

According to, certain variations in the laws are wreaking havoc on people’s perceptions of the substance and just how much freedom they have to use it. Wavering regulations are only adding to the perplexities. A number of people have even lost their jobs as a result of the discrepancies and misconceptions.

In truth, many drugs are still considered illegal on a federal level. Specific laws vary greatly among states where they have been legalized. This diversity alone has sent a number of working men and women across the country to the unemployment line or, at the very least, subjected them to stern scoldings.

How the Laws Affect the Employment Sector

Due to the federal portion of the government frowning upon the use of drugs, companies regulated by this entity are required to perform drug testing. Employees and prospects who test positive for THC are denied employment. State and local laws govern how other businesses approach the matter, but many choose to have random drug tests performed by agencies like Countrywide Testing of their own volition.

Those who fear the repercussions of a drug test that’s positive for drugs often veer toward other products since they’re legal throughout the country. They’re legal because, theoretically, they’re supposed to be derived from hemp and are medicinal. 

Many people fail to realize even legal CBD products may make you test positive for cannabis in some cases. As mentioned, products are largely unregulated in this sector. Though those marketed are supposed to contain little to no THC, some of them actually have a bit more than expected. This is where the problem lies. People who think they’re safe from drug tests are sometimes being misled by their product labels.

Circumventing the Problem

Plenty of advice is available online regarding ways to purge the system of THC regardless of the amount that may be in a person’s system. In all honesty, being aware and prepared is the best route. If you’re concerned the products you’re using may contain enough THC to generate positive test results, consider purchasing an at-home drug testing kit to see for yourself. They’re available at some pharmacies as well as through online suppliers.

Employers will most likely continue testing for the presence of THC regardless of how laws and regulations play out in the future. Even legal substances could potentially lead to positive results and negative situations. Though you can’t necessarily change the laws or ramp up regulations, you can certainly protect yourself from harsh repercussions by knowing in advance if your products contain enough THC to cause trouble.

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