DOG Chain Industry Alliance Opening A New Era Of Wealth

In 2019, the world will usher in an unprecedented new round of scientific, technological and industrial revolution. The booming digital economy has brought profound changes and exerted profound influence on human production and life, the economies and societies of countries, the global governance system and the progress of world civilization.

As an important component of the underlying technology of the digital economy, block chain relies on increasingly solid data foundation, faces continuous improvement in the information environment, and continuously improves its efficiency and security. Driven by multiple policies, funds and markets, block chain presents an irresistible development trend.

COINS as a block chain practitioners of industry economy, DOG Chain industry alliance was established in Singapore, has brought together from the United States, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, India, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, the Philippines, Thailand, and many other countries and regions, technology elite and business leaders, by the world’s top strategic investors and many alliance side. It breaks through the bottleneck of the whole block chain industry by building the industrial alliance of ten thousand chains aggregation, and establishes a huge ecosystem system. By combining digital currency and ecology, it creates the ten thousand chain alliance of tong certificate world, and opens a brand new platform of co-creation, sharing, consensus and win-win.

DOG coin is a public certificate system based on the issuance and management of DOG public chain. It can be used in multiple scenarios within the DOG coin network and in the DOG coin ecosystem. DOG has been applied in various applications of the global business and the global ecosystem of DOG coin group, and has become an important hub supporting the ecosystem of DOG coin group. DOG is the embodiment of loyalty and courage, is the most sincere friend of mankind! DOG coin wangwang, wish every participant to achieve wealth freedom and spiritual abundance! The mission of the project is to build a chain alliance with DOG coin as the carrier. Help the world economy and realize the dream of prosperity!


DOGcoin wangwang is a computing power mineral platform based on the smart contract technology of blockchain. Users get DOG by purchasing intelligent computing power mineral machine, which is simple to operate and easy to use, ensuring the safety of digital assets in the process of preservation and circulation. In the BitUnitedBank, DOG can make transaction payments and deposit interest. As a currency for payment and circulation, DOG has more efficient, convenient and safe circulation and transaction performance than traditional digital currencies such as BTC and ETH.

DOGcoin is committed to the implementation of online and offline ecological industry, forming a complete ecological industry cluster.

The project profit model is rich, including digital bank, digital investment bank, digital asset management, non-performing assets, stock exchange fees, market value management, ecological circulation income, third-party payment, digital assets quantitative income, project incubation income, currency fees, e-sports, digital mall, etc.

In the future, holders of DOG can participate in the incubation of blockchain projects carried out together with DOGCHAIN technology. Industrial construction, community fission, market value management and ecological sharing will be carried out through DOGCHAIN, so as to provide one-stop services for incubators and project dividends for users.


In the future, the alliance will through the DOG Chain, community and digital electricity, digital banking, investment banking, digital tube, digital payments, industry cluster, entity mines, industrial investment, mergers and acquisitions, exchange, build ecological closed-loop DOG than Chain industry alliance, create high-quality project incubation, diversified business, hotels, tourism, mining, web celebrity economy, e-sports, convenient payment, such as multiple scenarios, promotes the circulation of DOG assets, revitalize the entity enterprise, promoting economic operation.


The business logic of the alliance is as follows:

• the community fission is imported into the DOG coin platform, enter with USDT, and buy and sell DOG coin on the DOG coin exchange;

• conduct digital currency management at Bitunitedbank

• build offline ecological applications and build offline ecological industrial clusters;

• build online mall application and online ecological industrial cluster;

• online DOG coin public chain mapped all data, developed multiple side chains, helped incubate enterprises to build enterprise chains, Shared the ecology, raised the value of currency, and injected it into the exchange for trading circulation.

DOGs currency than chain industry alliance: currency on the basis of through the economy, asset management + than chain to resort to a Shared drive, to solve the actual pain points of the global economy development, establish a comprehensive platform of multiple financial services value, value through docking through digital assets and chain business entities, build strong weak centralized social business ecosystem; To provide financial value services for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, to promote the block chain to serve commercial progress and social development, to create a sustainable prosperity under the consensus of users!


We will build up the industrial and financial closed loop, help the world economy restart the high-speed channel, and make the DOG coin million chain wealth legend!

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