The success of this fundraiser will help create an informational website for parents and families worldwide

Babyhelp 4U is an upcoming project that includes a comprehensive, responsive and easy to read informational website for both exciting and expecting parents as well as families around the globe. The website will help mothers, fathers and family members to get information that they need. They can find highly useful information by experts on topics like how to get pregnant, parenting, handling pregnancy, post-partum, etc. To get the website up and running, the founders have started a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of website development and curating information from experts.

Babyhelp 4U is made for people worldwide and what makes it stand out from the big, heavy text websites is the responsive content that makes it fun to read. Becoming a new parent, and raising a child is not an easy job and a number of new parents get really freaked out on the thought of raising a kid on their own. “What if I don’t know how to parent? What if I’m a bad parent? Am I doing everything I am supposed to be doing?”, are some of the thoughts that flood into the minds of most new parents which is when Babyhelp 4U comes to light that serves as the go-to resource for all parents to get answers to their questions.

Starting with pregnancy, the website will be your information guide from start-to-finish. The tips and tricks on the website come from parenting experts. The founder of Babyhelp 4U Nilson has a passion for creating engaging, responsive and informative websites that are easy to use. Nilson invites all the new parents, expecting parents and caretakers to donate in the fundraising campaign for babyhelp 4U website. Those who are unable to contribute can also share this campaign on their social media handles.

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