Nantong United Heavy Machinery Vibration Conveyer rising against the trend sales increased by 36 percentage points year-on-year

On October 11, Nantong United Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as United Heavy Machinery) released the financial report for the first three quarters of this year. The data showed that its sales amounted to nearly 200 million RMB, an increase of 36 percentage points compared with the same period of last year.

As we all know, with the continuous escalation of Sino-US trade friction, the impact on the machinery industry is obvious. Under this background, why can United Heavy Machinery rise against the trend? Xu Ruijun, head of the company, said that products, prices and markets are the key to its success.

Balanced Type Vibrating Conveyer

With the core concept of “creating value for customers”, integrating technology design, equipment manufacturing and system engineering installation and debugging, United Heavy Machinery is a high-tech enterprise, trustworthy enterprise, iso9001-2008 certification enterprise, specializing in the production and development of vibration machinery, conveying machinery and environmental protection machinery. Its products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other fields. It has long served for China Fortune 500 companies such as COFCO Group, Beijing Enterprises Group and Sinoma International Engineering, and exported to the United States, UK, and other occident countries, Singapore and many “the Belt and Road” countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

“Relying on the ‘fist’ product to win the market” is the foundation of United Heavy Machinery, and it is an important ‘magic weapon’ to effectively avoid market risks”. Xu Ruijun said, “In recent years, through the establishment of technology research and development center, United Heavy Machinery has independently developed A batch of technologically leading equipment, such as PSL balanced vibration conveyor, PSL balanced vibrating screen, etc. These products have been highly recognized by users after being put on the market.”

Balanced Type Vibrating Screen

There are 10 types of PSL balanced vibrating conveyors. The structural principle is that the conveying trough and the balance frame form a double mass resonance system with complete balance of mass. The two mass bodies are connected by a resonant coil spring and an elastic guiding pendulum. Under the action of the exciter, the conveying trough and the balance body form a resonance system to counteract the counterforce of each other. At the same time, the equipment supporting chassis is connected with the foundation through the spring isolation system, and the unbalanced vibration force generated by the material flow rate changing in the trough is counteracted again. Therefore, besides has the advantages of the double-mass resonance type, its most prominent advantage is that the inertia vibration power transferred to the foundation is much more smaller together with much more lower noise, which is suitable for longer distance and wider trough (up to 2m) conveying requirements. And so, it has the incomparable advantages in shock absorption comparing with other type of vibrating conveyors.

It is understood that if the balance body is used as the conveyor trough, the upper and lower trough can convey materials at the same time, thus one conveyor can effect as two vibrating conveyors but occupying the space of only one and saving cost. If a screen is installed in the conveying trough it can realize the function of classification of the material while conveying.

Double Layer Balanced Type Vibrating Conveyor

At present, in addition to the high-level “discourse power” in the field of balanced vibration conveying equipment manufacturing, United Heavy Machinery also pays attention to the extension of the industrial chain and continues to advance into the field of environmental protection equipment such as sewage treatment, sludge treatment and waste incineration. Successfully designed and manufactured high-efficiency inverted umbrella aerators, mud clarifiers, fine waste water screens and other environmental protection equipment. The activated carbon adsorption tower products are favored by the market because of the large area of harmful gas filtration and small equipment footprint.

Active Carbon Absorbing Tower

Rotary Bandscreen for Sewage Screening

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