Deepak Kamboj – The founder of folk studios Sweden talks about supporting independent artists in music production

Deepak Kamboj - The founder of folk studios Sweden talks about supporting independent artists in music production

Folk Studios is an independent record label and music studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. We’ve launched the careers of some of the world’s top independent artists.

Since its inception in 2017, Folk Studios has come a long way to add to its roster, some immensely talented musicians like Deepak Kamboj, Somey Kale, Sampriti Goswami, Gourav Azad, Devm, Julia Capello, former American Idol contestant; Paula Tagle, whose song made it to #18 on Spotify’s viral 50, and these folks (pun intended) are here to give you an opportunity to be a part of their team alongside these very artists.

Talking about the label, Folk Studios founder Deepak Kamboj tells about the vision of the label and to quote him, “The record label is basically a people’s label & music studio which implies that they are ready to work with any independent artists of any kind. The only requirement is, that you should be a good musician, an artist, a creator.” So, if you’re a songwriter or a composer and you have an original, or you have composition, lyrics, etc but don’t have the means to produce it, they’ll hook you up with a studio, a vocalist, or whatever you need to bring that track to life. From scratch, they’ll help you and guide you till the last step. Or if you’re an artist who already has a track-ready, they can help you with distribution which will allow you to reach a huge audience of hundreds and thousands of people. And if you manage to really impress them with your work, you get an exclusive record deal with the label. All you have to do is get in touch with them.

About Deepak Kamboj:

Deepak Kamboj is an Indian Swedish Singer, Songwriter and a Music Producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born on 10 December 1986, India. He is also the founder of Swedish Record Label “Folk Studios” based out of Stockholm, which is popularly known for supporting and providing a platform to independent artists.

About Folk Studios:

Folk Studios is an Independent Record Label & Music Distribution Channel & Studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Folk Studios was founded in 2017 by Deepak Kamboj and have given a platform to many independent music artists and released their music worldwide. “We are Folk Studios and music is our religion.”

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