Backed by passive income protocol PIXBY bring the next-generation Freelance platform

Backed by passive income protocol PIXBY bring the next-generation Freelance platform

PIXBY is here with their token sale!

Backed by the decentralized blockchain technology, PIXBY brings you a safe and more transparent freelance platform and, rewarding the long term token holders. The PIXBY Passive Income Protocol is meant to provide token holders with an alternative & easy source of income. The annual ROI from the PIXBY Passive Income Protocol is around 23%. While the freelance marketplace aims to bring buyers & freelancers together the payment will be made using cryptocurrency.

The PIXBY Passive Income Protocol is designed using the concept of cryptocurrency staking. All you have to do is, lock in the coins in the Smart Contract for a certain period of time and in return, you can expect a daily reward. In case you are wondering, PIXBY Passive Income Protocol has no connection with the Consensus Mechanism or POS. The protocol operates solely on the Ethereum network and has been written entirely in solidity. Investors don’t hold any rights to generate blocks or confirm transactions. It is more like a passive income that is being generated from your investment.

Even though all the funds will be locked in the Smart Contract, there is no chance of the PIXBY developers getting any kind of direct as well as indirect access to them. If you want a reward in return for your investment then you will probably require at least 35,000 PIXBY to freeze the assets. As it is a passive investment daily rewards can be claimed by the investors only after two days. Meant specifically to reward the long term holders, this protocol gives investors a great opportunity to freeze the idle assets and earn from it. What makes these guys perfect for the investors out there is the fact that there is no waiting for the entire unlock time. Within just 2 days one can start enjoying the rewards. While the minimum unlock time is 2 days the maximum time can be considered to be 365 days. So it’s like putting your assets to work even while you are asleep!

The protocol will be distributing 23% of the annual rewards basing on the initial investment which is again divided by the maximum unlock time, which is 365 days. So if your initial investment is 2,500,000 PIXBY then your daily reward will amount to 1,575.34 PIXBY. For realizing the initial investment, the release function in the Smart Contract has to be invoked once the unlock time has passed.

The mechanism of the PPIP system has been designed in such a way that unlike PoW it eliminates any need for a high-end computer network which not only consumes huge energy but also has a high maintenance cost. As the protocol investors won’t have to run a node, PPIP becomes highly environment-friendly.

The protocol is highly secured & audited by professionals and designed to provide your funds with the utmost safety. So you don’t just own & govern your funds, you have complete control over them. The presence of decentralized applications(DApp) which are powered by an Ethereum network makes the ecosystem more secure for all the parties involved. And in case of any dispute, the support team is always ready to resolve the issue, no matter how minor it is. Due to the usage of DApp, there is also no need for intermediaries. Not just this, the DApp even reduces the transaction fees and makes it easier to reward the ones supporting the system.

If you want to buy the PIXBY IEO ON P2PB2B, then you must hurry up as the 1st session will be starting soon! With a session supply of 50,000,000 PIXBY, the token sale will be on from 20.11.2019 12:00AM (UTC) and go on till 05.12.2010 12:00AM. The token price for IEO is 0.013 USD, with a discount of 50% for any amount above 1000 PIXBY and 1000 being the minimum purchase amount.

Also, the minimum buy amount in contribution currencies is BTC – 0.0015, ETH – 0.07, USD – 13, USDT – 13.

About PIXBY (DApp)

PIXBY is the upcoming decentralized app (DApp) that will not only protect your assets from scammers but will also reward you with the PIXBY tokens.

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