Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market presents an opportunity of more than US$ 100 Billion by the end of the year 2025

Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market presents an opportunity of more than US$ 100 Billion by the end of the year 2025

“Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market is forecast to be US$ 100 Billion by the year 2025.”
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According to Renub Research report, Lithium-ion Battery Market, by Application (E-bus, Electronic Devices, Industrial & ESS, Automotive and Others), Material (Cathode and Anode) Companies” Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market is forecasted to be US$ 100 Billion by the year 2025.


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are high-energy rechargeable batteries and mostly used in mobile devices. Due to increased use in smartphones, tablets / PCs, digital cameras, and power tools, the demand for these batteries is expected to see significant growth. Such devices are equipped with unique features that consume more power, which often allows the devices to be recharged. These advances have contributed to the need for rechargeable batteries of high quality. The growing market for consumer electronics and smartphones has increased the need for high-powered batteries that can keep the device going for long hours while providing the device’s optimal experience due to the large screen and power back-up service.

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Besides, the market for Li-ion batteries in the automotive industry is expected to rise as the demand for electric vehicles rises. Because of their small size and lightweight, these batteries have gained popularity among car manufacturers because they offer an alternative to nickel-metal batteries used in electric vehicles. There are three components in a typical Li-ion battery, namely anode, cathode, and electrolyte. There are currently various types of Li-ion batteries on the market that operate by extracting Li-ion from various compound sources. Such batteries require low maintenance compared to nickel-cadmium batteries and have a much lower self-discharge. These are considered ideal for modern fuel gauge applications because of these properties.

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Market Summary:

By Application: Market and Market share of E-bus, Electronic Devices, Industrial & ESS, Automotive, and others are given in this research report.

By Materials: Cathode (NCA, LMO, LFP, LCO, NMC), Anode (Natural Graphite, Artificial Graphite, Hard Carbon, Soft Carbon, and others) are covered with volume and volume share in this research report.

By Automotive: Market and market share of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, e-bus, electric vehicle, and other vehicles are covered in the research report.

By Companies: Overview, Initiatives/Recent Developments, and Sales Analysis of Amperex Technology Limited, LG Chemical, SANYO Panasonic, and Samsung SDI are provided in this research report.

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Key Topics Covered :


1. Executive Summary

2. Global Lithium-Ion Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

    2.1 Application & Forecast

3. Global Lithium-Ion Battery Sales Volume (MWH) (2012 – 2025)

    3.1 Application & Forecast
    3.2 Materials & Forecast

4. Market Share Analysis – Global Lithium-Ion Battery (2012 – 2025)

    4.1 Application & Forecast
    4.2 Automotive & E-Bus & Forecast

5. Volume Share – Global Lithium-ion Battery (2012 – 2025)

    5.1 Application & Forecast
    5.2 Automotive & E-Bus & Forecast
    5.3 Materials & Forecast

6. Application – Global Lithium-ion Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

    6.1 Electronic Devices & Forecast
    6.2 Automotive & E-Bus & Forecast
    6.3 Industrial, ESS (Energy Storage System) & Forecast
    6.4 Others

7. Application, MWH, – Global Lithium-ion Battery Sales (2012 – 2025)

    7.1 Electronic Devices & Forecast
    7.2 Automotive & e-bus & Forecast
    7.3 Industrial & ESS (Energy Storage System) & Forecast
    7.4 Others

8. By Materials (Tons) – Global Lithium-Ion Batteries Volume (2012 – 2025)

    8.1 Cathode Volume & Forecast
    8.2 Anode Volume & Forecast

9. Growth Drivers

    9.1 Continuous Decline in Lithium-ion Battery Prices
    9.2 Re-purpose, Recycling or Second-Life of Lithium-ion Battery

10. Key Challenges

     10.1 Safety

11. Samsung SDI – Company Analysis

      11.1 Overview
      11.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      11.3 Sales Analysis

12. SANYO-PANASONIC – Company Analysis

      12.1 Overview
      12.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      12.3 Sales Analysis

13. LG Chem. Power (LGCPI) – Company Analysis

      13.1 Overview
      13.2 Initiatives/Reccent Developments
      13.3 Sales Analysis

14. Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) – Company Analysis

      14.1 Overview
      14.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      14.3 Sales Analysis

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