CYS the Pioneer in the industry

Auto detailing is an important part of automotive aftermarket. Moreover, car wrapping is more and more popular in auto detailing industry and it is the newest way to create an individual look for the car.

The CYS brand was founded in 2008. Between 2016-2019 the company set up sub brands of CYS Platinum and ColorBird to build a more competitive brand with systematic service. So far we have been into partnership with more than 1000 stores and we have provided automobile color-changing service for millions of people, which gained us great praise and reputation in the industry. As the founder of automobile color changing industry in China, CYS is leading and promoting the development of this industry. Thanks to continuous research and collaboration, CYS is able to offer the best solutions adapting dynamically to the ever-changing market needs.

CYS creates a business trend

Thirty years ago, a car was both a means of transportation and a status symbol. Now, with age group of car owners getting younger, a car is more of a way of self-expression for the young generation than a way of transportation. The idea of car wrapping is to be unique, different and extend an expression of passion for the car. Therefore, we created ColorBird, a young brand leading fashion trend in car wrapping. ColorBird is characterized in reasonable prices, customized colors and rich variety of series. Besides, being a sub brand of CYS, ColorBird endowed great source of customers and market advantage. ColorBird became well-accepted right after launching and took the market promptly. 


CYS Platinum Cast Grade

CYS is an innovative leading brand in the car wrapping film industry. In June 2019 CYS introduced the exclusive SAS (Super Anti-Scratch) car wrapping film – CYS Platinum Series, which came into market after continuous optimization tests. The meeting, attended by pioneers in various industries, great car wrapping film store representatives and people from the press, was a great event to create influence and gain attention to the automobile detailing industry. It was also a great proof of 10 years’ striving for perfection and innovation. 

The CYS Platinum Series has competitive advantages in the international car wrapping film market. It is environmentally friendly and creates vibrant paint quality color and the highest level of durability that lasts for years. It was designed in such a way that it has two color layers, that give the vinyl an increased stability and durability as well as depth of color so that the vinyl has the best possible finish.

CYS, the dark horse of car wrapping

Great achievements come from ultimate pursuit of perfect quality. CYS has been testing, updating and optimizing products over the past years. And finally in 2019, the launching of CYS TPU Paint Protection Film excited the customers. The application of high-tech MPU and TPU materials, great cost-effectiveness, scratch repairing, stain repelling, stable and long-lasting quality together ensure comprehensive protection to the car.

CYS Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers best quality products and exceptional after-sale service. With our excellent film quality, the ability to provide innovative technology and the efficient support, our target is to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

We acknowledge that the quality of our products contribute significantly to our success in the market significantly. Therefore we promote a close, trustful and finely coordinated cooperation and partnership with our distributors. We treat our partners with courtesy and professionalism.

CYS has been an expert with many years of work experience in the industry that have professionalism, devotion and willingness to deliver the best possible service.

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