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Two designers have come together to provide people with unique jewelry that does stand out. Each piece of jewelry has been lovingly handcrafted out of wood.

Wood is found everywhere, in the home, out on the street, and at the office, but imagine that wood not being a chair, or a table, or even a bin, and change the perception of wood and imagine wood being used to make jewelry. That is exactly what is happening. Wood Jewelry has become the new fashion trend and two designers who are at the front of that trend are Valerii and Svetlana.

Valerii and Svetlana who are Russian jewelry designers are changing people’s ideas of what jewelry should look and feel like. According to Valerii and Svetlana, who are behind Intarsio the chic fashion jewelry brand that everyone is talking about, jewelry handmade out of wood is more special than jewelry made from gold and silver.

The jewelry fashion brand that should be on everyone’s radar produces some of the most stunning jewelry around. Each piece is handmade out of wood, providing a unique finish for people want to wear something that is special and stands out in the crowd.

The two designers capture the beauty of wood and produce unique handcrafted wooden jewelry such a wood pendant with bright purple gemstone eudialyte made of hevea wood with silver, bronze, and malachite inlay. Each piece from their collection provides someone with a special gift that stands out from the mass-produced jewelry that is seen each day.

Valerii and Svetlana always had the urge to create things that stood out. They wanted to design and produce items that would make people stop and ask where they purchased it from and what’s it made from? With their handmade wooden jewelry, they have done just that.

Some fashion experts believe 2020 will be the year that sees unique wooden jewelry take center stage, and with the stunning designs from Intarsio the experts could be right.

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Intarsio Art sells unique handcrafted jewelry. The Russian handcrafted jewelry designers Valerii and Svetlana make a variety of fashion jewelry, accessories, home decorations. They love to experiment with different natural materials and shapes.

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