G. Neal latest book “A Healthy Slice Of PI” is now available for sale in Amazon

A healthy slice of PI, the latest book of G. Neal is now available in Kindle format on Amazon

The book explores life lessons and answered in a scientific, artistic, and informative way. PI is a mathematical standard used to determine the circumference of a circle and relates to humans as well as life. This book serves as a tool that acts as a generational bridge of communication, and for many, it represented the most important short reads they have ever read.

About the author

G. Neal is a military veteran who has traveled the world. During his 10-year career in the military field, he encountered famous celebrities, Military Generals, and common folk. Whether being a first responder at the Pentagon during 9/11 or assisting with surgeries in Afghanistan on their citizens or enemy combatants, he learned many valuable life lessons that he applied to the creation of this book. People have always interested him. After working for Donald Rumsfeld and General Bolden the NASA director, G. Neal is fully focused on building his own empire through the knowledge he has acquired from the people he has crossed paths with.

We asked G. Neal a few questions to learn more about his book.

Q. What has inspired you in writing the “A healthy slice of PI”?

A. Being that PI doesn’t repeat nor end, I realized that people are the closest thing to this mysterious number. The other thing about PI that was interesting to me was that PI is used to solve problems even though as a number it is incomplete, which is another aspect that parallels people.

Q. What impact does your past military life have in your life and what role does it play in your book?

A. Having traveled the world my perspective is more in depth and broader because of the people I have met and cultures I got to partake in. I served and supported military forces from all over the world.

Q. If you were to summarize what a reader can learn from your book in a few sentences, what would these be?

A. First the book is designed to inspire dialog regarding sensitive and difficult subject matter that affects us in our daily lives. The take-away from this book are that we are connected in more ways than we know and that diversity is humanity’s gift and is to be celebrated. Learn why you are the way you are and embrace being who you are.

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