Giving Back: MySuccess.Team Plans Feast for Families during Thanksgiving

For many American families, Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate peace and gratefulness. It is a time to gather with friends and families and enjoy a scrumptious meal that always includes the requisite turkey with all its stuffing ingredients. However, as other families prepare for this important holiday, some still fighting with hunger on a daily basis – struggling to put food on the table.

In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, MySuccess.Team, a renowned online business coaching company, is preparing a feast for the hungry – giving away turkeys to thousands of families in need and donating to local food banks.

MySuccess.Team is an international company with a notable team of outstanding coaches all over the world, yet its goal is to keep what is truly important – taking care of others and giving them the tools to create success in their own lives. “We are aware that hunger is an everyday battle for many Americans, especially for the homeless and for families living below the poverty line. Remembering them this holiday season is the least we can do as an organization that values people’s lives”, says Braxton Yoeman, a nationally recognized coach and top consultant of MySuccess.Team. 

He continues, “Thanksgiving started as a way to come together and to remind ourselves to count our blessings. I’ve had some very hard times in my life, and through the help of others I’ve come out of it… no matter your current position in life, you MUST be thankful for what you have, and decide to be grateful and pay it forward. Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends, celebrate victories and provisions—but how about those who are not financially able to do that? I believe that Thanksgiving is not just a time to celebrate the generosity of the heavens but also an opportunity to reach out to those less fortunate and remind others to do the same”.

Braxton mentions that MySuccess.Team always sees to it that there are activities that cater to the disadvantaged, giving them the help they need and to celebrate their wins and victories.

MySuccess.Team believes all families in America deserve to commemorate this holiday the proper way with a filling meal, regardless of their financial capabilities.

As mentioned, this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, MySuccess.Team will be preparing a great feast for everyone. The company will give away turkeys to families in need (along with ALL of the sides, they were very clear to make a point about).

“My favorite is the gravy… I mean it’s clearly the best, that’s obvious, especially the recipe we’ve perfected over here… but you know, not everyone is into that, so we’re making sure to cover all the bases and have ALL of the sides… pies, cranberry sauce, the whole lot… you know, whatever floats your boat” Braxton Yoeman joked.

In addition to the thanksgiving feast, MySuccess.Team also supports two other organizations year-round, that if finds critically important to supporting families and our way of life.  

It supports Fisher House Foundation Inc., a foundation that provides military families and veterans with housing near a family member in the hospital due to an injury, illness, or disease.

MySuccess.Team also supports Feeding America.

Feeding America is an organization that provides food to many people in America through donations and support from businesses, government organizations, and individuals. As it mentions on its website, Feeding America has a network of food banks, pantries, and meal programs. According to its latest report, Feeding America has served around 40 million people consisting of 12 million children and 7 million seniors. In terms of the number of meals provided, the organization provides 4.3 billion meals annually.

“We have decided to support Feeding America for its excellence, transparency, and financial accountability. We are confident that this decision will also enable us to reach out to those who are in most need, not only during this Thanksgiving, but ongoing. Sure, holidays are a great time to bring attention to an important issue, but just like success in business, the real important thing is having that ongoing help and support, and that’s what they stand for, so we’re all in with them too”, Braxton explained.

Visit Feeding America’s website at to donate and to partner with them.

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