Might Watts – a Startup by Roger G Phillips Producing Compact Wind Turbine and Hoping to Raise Funds for Prototype Development

Livingston, TX – November 18, 2019 – Greta Thunberg’s thundering speech on climate change sent shockwaves to every nook and cranny of the planet. Few listened to the pressing issue raised by the teenager and decided to do something about it – one of the few is seventy-five old Roger G Phillips, a retired US Navy Veteran. He invented Mighty Watts, a compact wind turbine that creates cleaner, greener energy to power homes, drive cars, and run businesses. The wind turbine is mighty by name, minimal by nature, and mind-blowing by design.

The inventor firmly believes that it has the power to end the human race’s reliance on burning fossil fuels to power social lifestyles. For that to materialize, Mighty Watts requires funds to finalize the engineering, do a Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, production-ready files, and build the prototype. Mighty Watts is in its initial stage of crowdfunding – the aim is to amass $350,000 and realize the almost impossible task of saving the planet by renewable energy, energy sharing, distributing, and conserving.

Roger G Phillips is convinced that Mighty Watt’s potential in protecting the environment’s delicate balance and he is all geared up to build a prototype of the compact wind turbine. The process is costly, and he is reaching out to like-minded individuals to pitch in to save the planet for the sake of the future generations and the beautiful animals that populate the earth. “It’s a viable quest that is cheaper than a ticket to Mars,” says Roger G Phillips.

The Mighty Watts, when ready as a product of usability, is expected to power every household in the US and the world with clean and renewable energy – the burning of fossil fuel would be rendered unnecessary. Not only Mighty Watts powers homes, but it also powers cars and businesses. Soon enough, this renewable energy product will eliminate the need to pay energy bills as the Mighty Watts compact wind turbine fulfills every energy need.

Roger had spent the last decade developing and perfecting the Mighty Watts compact wind turbine’s prototype. It’s a clean, green, energy generator that’s a fraction of the size of current wind turbines. The compact-sized wind turbine is not to be underestimated – its design is powerful enough to heat homes, light stovetops, and power all the electrical devices at home and business place as well as cars.

The eyes of Roger G Phillips light up when he talks about Mighty Watts. Beaming, he enthuses, “I’m ready to develop the prototype, and that’s the reason for this message. I need funding to make the prototype. The sooner Mighty Watts gets made, the sooner we can all start generating our power and tell those overpriced, fossil-fuel burning energy companies where to get off!”

Mighty Watts is ready to revolutionize renewable energy and maybe save the world along with it. It doesn’t matter if one believes in climate change or not. By using Mighty Watts, free and clean energy generated by an immensely powerful, yet small wind turbine use is on the horizon, creating a win-win situation – the funds contributed to Mighty Watts will make that reality one step closer.

For more information, visit https://mightywatts.com/

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