Moon Time Store uses their reusable period panties to fight period poverty

Moon Time Store uses their reusable period panties to fight period poverty
Provider of innovative disposable period panties, Moon Time Store, promoting an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle for women with their menstrual underwear

Moon Time Store have continued on their mission of empowering women across the globe through promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle by providing them with premium quality products with the introduction of their reusable period panties. The company’s full range of quality, reusable, earth-friendly menstrual products have already started to receive accolades from users in different parts of the world.

The statistics of women suffering from period poverty is disturbing, with reports showing that more than 500 million in the world go through their menstrual cycles every month using unhygienic products. This phenomenon can be largely attributed to the relative difficulty in accessing hygienic solutions. This is where Moon Time Store is looking to make a huge difference by providing millions of women in different parts of the world with innovative reusable menstrual products, offering a cost effective and healthier way to go through their monthly cycle.

Moon Time Store offers a wide range of menstrual solutions that are safe and free of harsh chemicals and harmful toxins. The products include period panties, menstrual cups, and pads and liners, all of which are reusable and recyclable. Described by some as the best menstrual cycle underwear, the products come in different colors and designs to meet the diverse needs and taste of women worldwide with free shipping on all products on the store.

The period panties for teens and other products from the brand are made with the environment in mind by saving the planet with the cut down on pollution caused by disposable products. Moon Time Store’s mission, therefore, transcends helping women stay hygienic during one of their most trying times by also playing a major role in moving towards a zero waste environment on Planet Earth. 

In a similar vein, Moon Time Store donates a pair of reusable menstrual underwear to someone in need for every $50 spent in the store. Moon Time Store also has a blog where different topics relating to menstrual issues and other women-related matters are discussed.

For more information about Moon Time Store and the full range of menstrual solutions offered, please visit their website.

About Moon Time Store

Moon Time Store is a provider of menstrual products that aims to empower women all over the world through promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and offering high-quality products that are making a difference in moving towards a zero waste environment on Planet Earth. The company provides women with a cost-effective and healthier way to go through their period, offering a selection of reusable eco-friendly products, which include menstrual underwear, organic pads, and menstrual cups.

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