From tradition to the future, RCP uses technology to create different public chains

BTC, ETH, and EOS have been called “the three major public chains” all the time. BTC is the originator of cryptocurrency. It breaks the inherent concept of human beings and opens a magical door to the world, introducing blockchain technology. The public view has the status of a public chain, but even then it has the function of not being able to share information with other public links and achieving fast and accessible transactions.

For ETH and EOS, they also represent different directions in the development of the public chain, and they are very popular. However, after the baptism of time, some problems in the ETH and EOS public chain were further exposed. The inability to run high-frequency transactions does not really lead to a purely decentralized vision. Lack of scalability, interoperability, and developability, the actual killer application is not implemented. The existing public chain has not yet bridged the gap between core technology and practical applications. At this point, it is still theoretical, not actual. After EOS was on the main online line, the excessive concentration of super nodes was once again criticized, and the price of the currency was also falling. The king of the scene also returned to mediocrity.

What’s even more interesting is that the public chain projects that once called the throne to challenge the “first public chain” are now a mourning, each falling. It is no exaggeration to say that 2019 is the year of shuffling the public chain.

Many people believe that the public chain bubble is accelerating and the market is experiencing a period of pain before the reform of the public chain. The public chain projects that have entered the blockchain field with the banner of the blockchain 3.0 now seem to be nothing more than a mirror. RCP is the correct way to open a new generation of public chains.

RCP enables applications and smart contracts to seamlessly interconnect transactions with data and assets on other chains in a blockchain; providing the ability to run parallel multi-chains, each processing multiple transactions in parallel, which enables the network to Unlimited scalability; parallel processing through network nodes, making network scalable performance faster; high security: chain and chain naturally compete with each other on security resources; high performance: original RCP consensus mechanism provides millions Level TPS; High scalability: Provides convenient and expandable solutions for all walks of life.

From the RCP white paper we have extracted an introduction to the convolutional neural network layer:

Convolution is a mathematical operator that generates a third function through two functions f and g. In an RCP network, RCP has a convolution relationship with BTC. The first layer of convolutional layer initially invested 210 million coins, and the convolution ratio was 1btc=10000 The first layer of convolutional layer can only extract some low-level features, and more layers of networks can iteratively extract more complex from low-level features.

An in-depth explanation of the underlying architecture is also included in the RCP white paper:

In order to solve the various obstacles that blockchain technology may face in the application process, the RCP blockchain platform adopts a two-layer structure: Rcp blockchain platform

The underlying RCP Chain provides blockchain basic services;

The upper-layer RCP Application Adaptors are encapsulated in-band and externally modeled and adapted to provide a series of interfaces that conform to the application scenario, reducing the complexity of application docking.

The RCP team chose to use technology to drive development, and jointly promote the development and landing of the public chain with the technical staff in the industry. A good mature blockchain public link will be put on the ground, first of all, to improve the performance, so RCP invests heavily in research and development. In order to make more DAPP and application in various fields better in the future, RCP will actively develop infrastructure construction, accelerate the pace of decentralized financial ecology, and activate technological value.

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