Ontario Container Transport is Making Large Scale Air Shipping Services Easier

OCT in Ontario, Canada has Simplified Air Shipping Internationally Especially to the United States.

OCT (Ontario Container Transport) has made the process of air shipping services to the United States and other international locations much simpler, easier, and more affordable.  Air shipping services before this company’s revolutionary approach were very difficult and problematic.  Large containers could not previously be shipped easily and quickly.  The sheer bulk of the containers made air shipping freight a problem for many companies. 

Flexibility was a real issue in air shipping services previously

Time was lost and money spent unnecessarily until the problem of air shipping services of large containers was solved by OCT.  OCT offers air, rail and ocean shipping of large freight and large freight containers, but air shipping services remain the quickest option for many companies.  Large air freight is any type of freight that is oversized.  Anything that is large can be shipped, however, certain requirements exist, and most clients are usually B2B (Business to Business) clients, who can oftentimes need to ship emergency equipment, such as heavy equipment for contracting jobs in the most efficient yet cost effective method.  Air shipping services can do this, and OCT has taken it upon themselves to offer great prices and great alternatives to these B2B companies for emergency and other types of freight management shipping.

Air shipping services generally cost more than ground, or ocean shipping but OCT offers value

Any type of large air freight that is shipped via air shipping services, can be delivered more quickly.  However, because of the speed involved and the location, costs can be somewhat prohibitive for many companies.  There are standardized charts available to consumers that can guide them on costs of air shipping services according to zone.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a good place to start research on zones, and costs per zone.   However, the knowledgeable representatives at OCT will work with each client to ensure the fastest air shipping services at the lowest costs possible.  Depending upon the zone, many air freight shipping services by OCT can ensure next day delivery of even the largest loads.  This is something that attracts other businesses to their offerings.  Much of the air freight shipping services offered are between the United States and Canada, so this makes up a great deal of the business contracts that OCT performs well. 

Ocean and rail services are also offered at great rates with quick speed delivery

OCT not only offers air freight shipping services of great value and speed of delivery, but they also offer ocean and rail services that are parallel to none.  The speed of the other services, such as ocean and rail, are quite competitive also, and are used not just by contractors or emergency orders from other businesses, but as a good alternative to air shipping services when speed of delivery is not as important.  Retail businesses can be a majority of users of ocean and rail services by OCT.  Ground shipping by OCT also exists and the clientele can range from schools to restaurants, and everything in between.  Many shipping containers can be recycled and used over and over, thereby reducing costs.  Moving, warehouse and other distribution is a streamlined process of OCT, and therefore more cost-effective. 

Large freight does have dimension and size requirements and businesses should consult first

Because of size and dimension requirements it is best to consult first on shipping requirements with a company such as OCT, especially when considering air shipping services.  These services must be discussed, and a price and timeframe decided upon as well as the requirements that must be met.  To effectively ship large freight anywhere, a good consultation with a professional company such as OCT is recommended in each and every instance.  

About OCT (Ontario Container Transport)

OCT is located in Ontario and specializes in the transport of large freight for mostly business clientele.  It is a well-established company with many knowledgeable professional consultants on hand to assist clients in deciding on what to ship, and how to ship large freight effectively.  The air shipping services are in great demand generally and OCT is well versed in this type of shipping.  Knowledge is a large part of successful large freight shipping and OCT does keep abreast of all changes in requirements for large freight shipping.  Many clients of OCT are from the United States and air freight shipping services between the two countries is a focus of OCT. 

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