How Tailor-Made Therapies are Helping Overcome the Growth in Gambling Addiction

Among the many addictions that can affect people, gambling addiction is one of the most difficult to tackle.

Among the many addictions that can affect people, gambling addiction is one of the most difficult to tackle. This is because when compared to the obviously physically damaging addictions such as alcohol, drugs and smoking, gambling addiction has few visibly disturbing effects or signs and is therefore almost considered acceptable. It is also often portrayed by media and advertising as fun and exciting, and the channels to access gambling are now hugely widespread, due to the surge in online gambling.

Worryingly, one study found that when it amassed data from a great number of individual national studies on gambling, there were more gamblers than non-gamblers. The study also found that while the most common form of gambling was lotteries, scratch cards and sports betting, the most common among problem gamblers – those with gambling addictions – is online gambling and slot machines.

Why gambling addiction is likely to keep growing

A study on gambling problems revealed big disruptions within families and other interpersonal relationships, caused by gambling. While the long-term effects are still largely unknown, the short and medium term impacts are clear.

Such is the size of the problem of gambling addiction that in 2017 the World Health Organization produced a paper that drew attention to “massive, unprecedented” growth in gambling over the past few decades, warning it was likely to be fuelled even further by readily available online gambling sites. Regulatory approaches have over the years been focused on permitting gambling but discouraging it, although it is debatable whether this approach has worked considering that in 2016, the total amount of loss due to gambling since the mid-1980s was estimated at $400 billion.

Professional help for gambling addiction

Despite there being widespread professional help for gambling addiction, it is estimated that over 80% of sufferers never seek treatment for their problem. And for those who do seek help, around 70% end up returning to gambling. There are numerous signs and symptoms of a likely victim of gambling addiction, including restlessness, a tendency to return to gambling even when losing money, and lying to hide gambling activities. Some institutions have a range of self-help tools in an attempt to tackle the growing problem.

“All mental health issues are complex, and this is especially so with addiction,” says a spokesperson for Addiction Rehab Toronto, a specialist clinic that tackles a range of addictions, including gambling. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling addiction, and we help to treat gambling addictions through a range of different therapies, such as music and art therapy, alongside more traditional approaches such as one-to-one counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotherapy and anger management.”

The clinic also provides physical treatments such as yoga, pilates, reiki healing and Muay Thai, which are designed for those who particularly stand to benefit from exercises in improving strength and dexterity. Self-reliance is also central to the clinic’s Smart Recovery program, which follows a four-step treatment plan to empower individuals to overcome their own difficulties themselves. By embedding abstinence and working to identify the causes of triggers and cravings, this treatment is geared towards reducing the chances of relapse – therefore kicking the gambling addiction for good.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a specialist clinic that can assist with a range of mental health issues and provides services across many areas in Ontario. More information on their range of services, which include treatment for gambling and other addictions and DUI charge relief, can be found on their website.

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