DB3 International Holding Launched Its Digital Banking Services

Hongkong – Nov 19, 2019 – DB3 International Holding Limited recently launched its digital banking services, DB3 Digital Crypto Banking. It serves to satisfy the market’s growing needs for professional cryptocurrency investment and management. 

DB3 International Holding Limited, is an UK entity with a registered capital of £100 million, its core business sectors include cryptocurrency, blockchain and banking. Its banking license is registered in The Dominican Republic with operations as a private offshore bank, primarily catering to institutions or High Net-Worth Individuals, providing them with global assets investment and management services.


Since its existence 3000 years ago, Currency’s physical form has always been evolving. From the early days of shells, cloth, precious metals to today’s paper money and electronic money, Currency is slowly evolving from a physical to a digitized form.  The 3000 years of currency evolution looks to continue with the rapid development of internet technology and the globalization of the world economy! In recent years, blockchain technologies have triggered a new round of technological revolution, which propels a change in how currency can take form, leading us to witness the gradual shift into the era of Cryptocurrency.


According to Statists, there are 3.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, representing 42% of the global population, with an expected growth of 6-9% in the next 2 years! At the same time, by the end of 3rd quarter 2019 there are over 42 million blockchain wallet users, this make up only 1.3% of the total smart phone users worldwide! However, as of 24th October 2019, the average daily trading volume generated by these Blockchain wallet users is 35.7 billion US dollars, which has already surpassed traditional banking in various degrees.


DB3 Digital Crypto Banking is committed to providing its clients with “banking services” catered for their cryptocurrency investment. Services include Multi-Cryptocurrency Deposits, Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges, Crypto Assets Management, Cross Border Withdrawals, DB3 Digital Master Card, Cross Border Investments, Crypto Leverage Trading and Derivatives as well as DB3 Community Development Rewards Services. Ultimately, DB3 is committed to develop a crypto business ecosystem that is easy for the general public to get started on their cryptocurrency journey.

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