The Founders Behind Infinite Tech Global

The Founders Behind Infinite Tech Global

Thomas Payne, CEO of Infinite Tech Global, along with the CTO of Infinite Tech Global, Amelia Olson, envisioned the massive impact of blockchain & AI in the field of technology development which led to the ultimate Infinite Quad Engine. 

Being a technopreneur, Thomas builds intelligent systems that utilize machine learning for analyzing trends & sentiments of cryptocurrency trading. Together they co-founded Infinite Tech Global which resulted in the innovation of the Infinite Quad Engine. With the assistance of AI & blockchain technology, the founders aim to derive crucial insights that will help them to bring down the costs related to operations and protect the revenues of the investors. 

The team has innovated an AI model while using data layer microservices. The model utilizes machine learning along with natural language processing for analyzing prices across all the platforms and factoring in the various dynamic costs related to the transactions. With just 3 men operating it, this incredible tool can analyze & determine the suitable price range for the trade and even display the immediate savings. 

Due to the instantaneous nature of the arbitrage transactions, accurate & reliable real-time analytics can be crucial.  By analyzing the past, the models are enabled to predict future trends. Even though any opportunity can be identified using such predictive analytics, in order to fully utilize any arbitrage opportunity only predicting trends isn’t enough. 

According to Amelia, “To take a proper arbitrage trading decision, we must see & act according to the various intertwining factors like availability, market demand, and even the existing sentiments & commitments. The trade-offs must also be assessed across entire spectrums.”

Amelia also said, “When it comes to the design, we are constantly in the state of automated machine learning which is regularly updating & adjusting the internal models for improving accuracy. For creating a successful arbitrage opportunity, the appropriate variables affecting the pricing must be assessed properly and acted upon quickly for optimizing the margins.  The only way to accurately model such opportunities is by using the prescriptive analytics which goes beyond any historical data and offers outcomes basing on different variables.”

What makes the model so innovative is the fact that these guys realize that such prescriptive arbitrage models coupled with advanced machine learning tools yield highly impressive results. This is why their system combines statistical processing & language to classify a massive amount of data that includes exchange prices, news, graphs, tweets, and even charts. Also, it can be said that their Quad Engine has been through numerous iterations along with rigorous user testing and will soon be the most trusted model in the industry. 

About Infinite Tech Global

Infinite Tech Global aims to expand & innovate their advanced internal trading tools to reach a wider audience. With the help of a lean methodology, they plan to rollout fast to the key markets, while evolving and boosting their product offerings. 

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