Divorce Rate in America On the Rise for Couples 55 and Older

Divorce Rate in America On the Rise for Couples 55 and Older

Although divorce rates amongst younger couples have declined, the number of people aged 55 and older who are divorcing has increased significantly over the past few years. This is known as a gray divorce, and older couples who are considering a divorce will want to consider speaking with a lawyer to see how this might impact them in the future. There are many reasons why they might consider divorce even after years of marriage.

Feel Like They’ve Grown Apart

It’s possible they feel like they’ve just grown apart and are no longer the close couple they were in the past. This can happen once they retire, as they might not realize they’ve grown apart until they’re spending more time together. Another common cause is empty nest syndrome as they no longer have kids to take care of and are spending more time alone with each other.

To Avoid Feeling Older

Getting older is never easy, but it’s something that happens to everyone. Some people, however, may want to try to avoid feeling like they’re older, which may mean they want to get a divorce and look for a younger spouse. When this happens, the spouse might want to visit a website like https://www.denbighlaw.com/ to get help navigating the divorce process.

Financial Concerns

Financial concerns are a big deal, especially after retirement when money might be tighter. If the couple needs to start living on a fixed income, they might end up having arguments about how money is being spent. The financial issues may not be easily solved, which means the couple could end up divorcing to fix the problem and avoid arguing about it anymore.

Difference in Lifestyles

Once the couple is no longer working, they might find out that their lifestyles aren’t really compatible anymore. One spouse might want to just relax after retirement while the other wants to travel around the world and see as many sights as they can. When this happens, they might decide to divorce so each spouse can enjoy retirement their own way. Issues with a divorce because of this can be dealt with by getting help from Denbigh Law Center.

Simply No Longer Happy

One of the most common reasons older couples are getting divorced is they’re just no longer happy. They might not have been happy for quite a while, but stayed together to raise their family. If one spouse or both are no longer happy, they can visit a website like https://www.denbighlaw.com/yorktown-law-firms-contact-info/ to speak with a lawyer about what a divorce might entail.

Today, there are more older couples divorcing than ever before, and this could happen for a number of different reasons. If someone does want to get a divorce from their spouse, it’s a good idea for them to speak with a lawyer. This way, they could learn more about what will happen during the divorce and what their options are.

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