Free CPU on EOS: Newdex Creates New Solution For Traders

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Over the past two weeks, the EOS community has been struggling with the ability to do transactions on the EOS mainnet, due to a new token mining mechanism.

The new token, EIDOS, is “mined” by transferring EOS tokens to a smart contract which then sends the EOS tokens back, along with EIDOS tokens.

This massive increase in mining EIDOS tokens has created CPU congestion, in which regular transactions now require enormous amounts of EOS to be staked to CPU in order for transactions to go through.

The whole EOS community has been wondering,“Is there anything we can do right now to alleviate the CPU congestion issue?”

Throughout the CPU congestion issues, and other things that have been happening on EOS lately, Newdex has been transparently announcing what problem is going on and issues statements that explain what they’re doing to fix it. If you’re in EOS right now, all the focus is on CPU. While there are fixes coming, a few solutions have been cropping up, and Newdex recently created a free CPU solution for traders as outlined below.

Here’s the new solution for free CPU that I successfully tested today:

I used the mobile Token Pocket wallet and went to the “discover” page in Token Pocket. I found Newdex and then clicked the box that says “CPU free pending order”:


Then I clicked on the button ‘Buy’ after filling in my order details. My trade went through even though I have close to zero CPU. Newdex gives everyone 3 free CPU trades per day on mobile, no matter how much CPU you have staked. Newdex VIPs get more free CPU, based on their account levels as shown below:


This is only for mobile right now. I used an account that has close to zero EOS staked to test this free CPU Newdex trades feature. It does work as long as you’re on mobile. Desktop doesn’t work right now for this free CPU solution. Mind you, this free CPU solution is only for those doing trades on Newdex. If you want to do normal transfers, use

More details can be found here:

The CPU congestion is certainly challenging for everyone. As I learn about more solutions to this, I will let you know in future articles.

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