Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Revolutionary Hanging Phone Holder-Wallet

The Hanging PhoneWallet is a unique combination of a phone holder and wallet which stores all your valuables in one place. It can be hung around the neck, shoulder, or waist for an easy hands-free and pocket-free carriage of valuables. 

Forget broken phones due to sudden drops and no more lost wallets at parties just because you had little too much fun. Jalouza, an innovative German startup, just launched its breakthrough product that will address these issues. Aptly named Hanging PhoneWallet, this unique wearable accessory comes attached with a cord that you can hang around your neck and enjoy hands-free carriage. It is strategically designed to keep your valuables such as your phone and wallet in one stylish accessory.

The first-of-its-kind, the Hanging PhoneWallet is a unique combo of a phone holder and a foldable wallet rolled into one single fashionable accessory. The wallet can be detached from the phone holder and used separately. The long cord can be hung around the neck, shoulder, and waist to suit the needs of the user.

“We are excited to bring our innovative Hanging PhoneWallet to you. Phones and wallets are two of the most significant valuables for us. Our life is incomplete without them. But incidents are not uncommon where we accidentally drop our phone or leave our wallet at a friend’s place. These mistakes are not unnatural and are mostly caused by a lack of proper carriage of these valuables. Not every outfit we wear has pockets and not every purse can accommodate our wallets. Many times, we are forced to carry them in hand, increasing the chances of forgetting or dropping things. This is where our revolutionary Hanging PhoneWallet comes to the rescue,” stated Jasper Dürr, creator of the Hanging PhoneWallet.

The Hanging PhoneWallet is extremely versatile and is compatible with all brands and models of smartphones.

“When you are hanging out with your friends or attending a party, your main concern should be to have fun. We don’t want you to waste time paying attention to your phone or wallet when you are in the mood to enjoy a grand time with your loved ones. The Hanging PhoneWallet will take care of your valuables while you are busy partying or grooving. It will keep your hands and pockets free. Thanks to its elegant design, the Hanging PhoneWallet will complement your outfits beautifully. Our newest product is a new fashion statement that you would love to flaunt.”

In terms of quality, the Hanging PhoneWallet is crafted from genuine leather. Ms. Dürr also stressed on a secured carriage of wallet and phone with the Hanging PhoneWallet. The state-of-the-art accessory hosts an RFID blocking feature in the inner lining to eliminate risks of electronic theft.

“Our Hanging PhoneWallet is something that we all have been waiting for long. At present, we are looking forward to mass producing this accessory and take it all across the world. Funding received from our Kickstarter campaign will cover the manufacturing and distribution of the Hanging PhoneWallet. Your generous support will enable us to bring our revolutionary accessory to life and make lives easier for all of us.”

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