Why Businesses are Having Difficulty Accessing Grants

The small business field of the Canadian industry has been one that has been seeing considerable expansion in past years in no small part due to the proliferation of the Internet and the ever-increasing number of online businesses. However, like many other businesses they find themselves failing or struggling to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, but they could benefit from government grants consultants, like Granted Consulting.

Businesses are unaware or unwilling to access external financing

Canada is the third easiest place to start a business in the world, but many of them are unaware that business help has been available for them for years which results in more failures to achieve success. There are grants and tax relief out there, but about three percent of businesses aren’t even aware that this aid exists and nearly half of them don’t request any kind of external kind of financing at all. Not only that, but the number of businesses that access government aid was only 4.9%, despite a nearly eighty-three percent approval rate.

Businesses could succeed with exterior financing

It has been said for many years that about half of businesses fail in the first year. This isn’t quite as accurate as previously thought, but the real numbers are still worrying. After two years, a third of small businesses fail. That number rises to more than half after the first five. Although these numbers aren’t as concerning as the urban myth is, it still shows that businesses could definitely benefit from a little aid during those first few, shaky years.

A new kind of consultant to help business

The need for Canadian business to succeed and thrive has resulted in a new field of professionals that has opened up called government grant consultants. The reason why they have come about is because of the limited time and resources that businesses have to put into obtaining grants and tax credits.

The approach of government grant consultants is to step in, do a consultation with their clients, and then find the grants and tax relief that they qualify for. Once they’ve identified where aid can come from, they then apply for them on behalf of their clients! Because they take on the responsibility of applying for these grants, it leaves the business owners to do what they do best: run their businesses.

Many qualify for government grant consultants’ services

For those who end up seeking the help of government grant consultants, they have made their services available to small and general business, publishing companies, agriculture/food processing, and clean technology.

About Granted Consulting

Granted Consulting specializes in getting businesses and companies of every kind the proper access they need to the many Canadian Government business grants and credits out there. It is with their experienced staff that they are able to give many businesses access to the funding and tax relief that they require. Granted Consulting is based out of Vancouver, B.C.

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