How New Mattresses are Giving People a Better Night’s Rest

The quest for a good night’s sleep hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Everyone needs one to have a good day and to be able to function. Without sleep, the body experiences issues with health and weight. In addition to that, a person’s memory can be severely affected, as well. This leaves no doubt of just how important a good night’s sleep is to people and why it’s important to get a good mattress, like the ones available at Zen Mattress.

For years, people have been relying on traditional mattresses for the comfort they need, but there are now emerging companies with new products that are starting to peck away at those profits. Among them are the bed-in-a-box and other related products which have gained in competitiveness due to their availability online and ease of shipping.

The Zen100, 200, and 300 Series

These are your basic through advanced series of beds-in-a-box. These shippable mattresses are being chosen because they are all a person needs as they don’t require a box spring. Once they’re unpacked they decompress to the proper size and are ready to use! The basic mattress is nine inches in thickness and helps to regulate body temperature and has breathable technology that weeds out toxins and bad smells!

The 200 is a hybrid, which combines the use of both coils and foam for those who want the benefits of both worlds. This mattress prides itself on being able to eliminate motion transfer, as well.

The 300 is the high-end mattress of the lot and is just over a foot in thickness. This mattress has four layers to provide comfort and its pocketed coils are great for regulating pressure on the body.

The benefits of these new mattresses are what makes them relevant to today’s market. They are guaranteed to be non-allergenic, thermally regulated, provide pressure relief to the joints and have been demonstrated as having zero motion transfer, meaning that both people get a good night’s sleep!

Zen Bedding

This is more of an umbrella term to cover the many extras that one needs and can order to have a more complete experience with their mattress. These items include the Memory Pillow, which helps to relieve pressure points on the neck and also regulates body temperature. There is also the Meditate Pillow for those inclined to a bit of meditation before bed and the Zen Mattress Cover which is waterproof and keeps a person air passages free of mites.

Zen Toppers

This interesting mattress topper allows people to increase body support and make a bed softer. A Zen Latex topper is also available and includes a cotton washable fabric.

About Zen Mattress

Zen Mattress offers its Canadian customers a unique and restful experience through its mattress line. Their insistence on mattresses of superior quality and ergonomic design allows their mattresses to be bigger and more comfortable without the extra weight, making them ideal for shipping. They also have a one-hundred-day trial period to test their mattresses. They are based out of Canada.

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