These futuristic lamps inspired by ‘Polyhedrons’ are perfect for the connoisseurs of unique home decor

Ganimede lamps, recently launched on Kickstarter are a unique and fun way to illuminate a room. Crafted in solid wood, these lamps are inspired by Polyhedrons, a form that has fascinated many scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians throughout history. It is a handmade wooden lamp in the shape of truncated octahedron, one of the thirteen Archimedean solids. The greatest minds in history including Plato, Archimedes, and Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the essence of nature and the whole universe has the form of these solids which is what makes these shapes truly unique and spectacular.

The Ganimede lamps have taken the same unique form, featuring symmetries that attract the mind and invoke imagination, simply because of its geometrical shape that goes beyond the regular 90 degree angled objects we see everywhere. This is what makes these lamps beautiful and attractive. Another advantage of choosing this shape is that it can be personalized to a great extent and the customers can have the choice of wood, thickness of its structure, shades and more. Every choice made, results in a different lighting experience making every Ganimede lamp unique in its own way.

The lamp is named after Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganimede. It’s unique structure instantly grabs attention and makes the perfect centerpiece for any living space. It can be hung from the ceiling or used as a table lamp at home or office. There is no doubt that this lamp will be loved by connoisseurs of unique home décor and eye-catching interior lights. What makes this lamp more remarkable is that it is completely handmade using traditional woodworking tools.

Ganimede lamps are designed and made in Italy. They are available in four wooden textures including Ash, Oak, Walnut, and Olive. They can be painted in multiple colors like Black, Silver, red, Orange, Blue and more. The retail price of the Ganimede lamp will be €169 but the early backers have a chance to get the lamp at an exciting price of €99 by choosing one of the rewards.

More information about Ganimede lamp and pictures can be seen on its Kickstarter campaign page.

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