Reusable, Recycled or Bio-based? Plastic pollution recognized as a global problem, and the consumers demand a change.

What are the best shopping bags solutions for the environment that retailers can adopt now?

BKbags is a leader in developing and supplying solutions for global plastic pollution and consumer waste. By pioneering innovative packaging that is reusable, recycled, or bio-based, business and end consumers can reduce their environmental footprint.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Bkbags,, established in 2008, based in Vietnam, specializes in branded eco-friendly, reusable packaging. A business-to-business solution. Bkbags help the business reduces its environmental footprint by re-thinking packaging in terms of environmental care and smart marketing.

As an international business-to-business packaging supplier, Bkbags is an expert in the production and distribution of sustainable packaging. Their new sustainable products, made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles (RPET), PP and Bamboo, a strong natural material. These new products include:

UNCOATED PP WOVEN BAGS – Strong, natural-looking multi-purpose shopping bag, made from recycled rice bags that boast a unique, eco-chic appearance for a powerful environmental statement.

BIOMASTER ANTI-BACTERIAL BAGS – Safe anti-bacterial bags that target harmful bacteria lurking within, these bags are safe for you or your family and manufactured with an added special anti-bacterial coating that prevents bacteria growth.

RPET SHOPPING BAGS – Made from recycled water bottles, these multi-purpose shopping bags are strong and suitable for all types of businesses. The RPET fabric features a soft texture that makes them appear stylish and comfortable.

BAMBOO BAGS – Natural and strong, yet soft and comfortable, these bamboo bags offer all in one. Reusable, biodegradable, and stylish. The perfect solution for the environment. 

PRODUCE MESH BAGS – For packaging fruit and vegetables, these bags replace disposable plastic and are ideal for supermarkets and families.

Researchers believe that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans, resulting in multi-systemic environmental damage that affects marine life and human health.

Bkbags addresses this problem by supplying recycled and virgin eco-friendly shopping bags that reduce the environmental footprint of daily consumption. Bkbags manufactures its products in selected facilities in Vietnam and Cambodia, which hold up to the highest ethical-social standards and certifications.

To learn more about BKbags, please visit to see a full product offering of Bkbags’ packaging products.

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