Promotes an Herbal Cleansing Detox and so Much More Promotes an Herbal Cleansing Detox and so Much More

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day to try all the latest products. The thought is to promote ideas and products that attract consumers. Consumers should do their homework on any product before using it.

Food Combining

Some companies like Dherbs provide helpful information on food combining. This idea has been around for a while, and experts say it works for some people. The idea is that certain foods should be eaten together and others should not. For example, starches and proteins should not be eaten together. It’s okay to eat protein and vegetables together. This lifestyle change is aimed at helping digestive problems and weight loss.

To Detox Or Not to Detox

There are a million detox programs, and some may be good for you. Cleansing is healthy whether you fast or detox. According to, there are some great detox programs out there. Most products claim to be made from all-natural ingredients. Be sure to check the label to see what’s actually in the bottle. Be careful because the FDA has not evaluated some of the products.

All Natural Products

Store shelves are full of products that claim to be organic or all-natural. Consumers need to be wary. One label reads, Soap and glory: locally made from all natural ingredients. It’s easy to get ripped off with the all-natural label. The FDA and USDA have standards for regulating organic products. However, there are no standards for products labeled natural or all-natural. One expert says ingredients are often used that are made in laboratories. These created ingredients are bioidentical to things found in nature.

Charcoal Products

Charcoal is recognized as a source of fuel and the residue from burning wood. Interestingly, activated charcoal is the main ingredient in many popular health and beauty items. Activated charcoal has been treated to make it easier to use in manufacturing. Charcoal is able to bind toxins, so it’s used in many emergency rooms. Hence, it’s become a popular ingredient in digestive supplements and detoxes. Ask your doctor before adding charcoal to your regimen.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used for centuries as a health and beauty item. It’s only recently become a must-have product in the U.S. The clay is made from volcanic ash and is said to have healing properties. Manufacturers dry the clay, filter it, and make it into various products. Users swear it’s a great hair mask and removes toxins from the scalp.

Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are interesting looking, but what do they really do? Sellers claim rolling the face reduces inflammation and puffiness. Further, many consumers use rollers to push beauty serums and cream deeper into the skin. Additionally, some users put the roller in the refrigerator to get cool before using it. Sellers say check our website for more information.

Some products work and others don’t. Do try products that are aimed at helping one of your problem areas. Make sure you don’t spend too much money and you could find something that works.

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