Suggests Proposal Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune Suggests Proposal Ideas That Don\'t Cost a Fortune

Couples’ wedding days aren’t the only events they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Proposals fall into the same category. This helps to explain the rise of The Weird Decadent World of Marriage Proposal Consulting.

According to, some couples spend upwards of $50k on proposal consulting, alone, but not everyone has that kind of money. That doesn’t mean they have to resign themselves to a boring, overplayed proposal. Instead, you could check out a site, such as Heart Bandits

Put Together a Romantic Itinerary

Live in the city? Try putting together an itinerary for a romantic night out on the town and hire a private limo driver. Decide with the driver in advance to stop at a pre-determined spot to pop the question, then break out the champagne and celebrate in style.

Take a Hike

Not a fan of the city lights? Plenty of couples enjoy hikes in the great outdoors together and there is no place more romantic to propose than the top of a mountain. Those who are extra motivated can even have a special, romantic dinner up on top to enjoy after the big event.

Include Friends and Family

Those who are extremely close to family members or shared friend groups may enjoy including them in their proposals. This isn’t a great plan for couples who enjoy their privacy, but anyone who wants to make a show of it will find that they can get much more creative with a little help. Ask loved ones to hold signs, pop out to throw a surprise party, or even compose a dance routine.

Picture Books

This idea can be added to just about any proposal. Just make sure to set up all the details in advance and incorporate them into the end of a memory book that contains other cherished photos of the couple and their lives together. Use it as the finale to a wonderful, romantic night.

Scavenger Hunts

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. For a truly personalized proposal, make a list of some places that are special to both members of the couple and write out clues that correspond to each of them. After following all the clues, the surprised partner will wind up at the predetermined location where his or her future fiancé will be waiting with champagne and an engagement ring.

Write a Custom Song

Play in a band? Try inviting the future spouse to a show and debut a song that asks his or her hand in marriage. Those who love music but aren’t musically inclined can also hire professional songwriters or musicians to play privately for their loved ones.

Photo Tour

Many of today’s couples share their proposal photos to Instagram. Set a partner up for success by arranging a tour that includes plenty of picture-perfect images, then capture the proposal at the end.

When it comes to modern proposals, imagination is the limit. If you’re having trouble coming up with original ideas, you can look here for additional advice.

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