suggests Coliving San Francisco Residents Get More Than Cheap Rent suggests Coliving San Francisco Residents Get More Than Cheap Rent

Coliving arrangements have been popular in colleges and universities for decades, but it is only recently that young professionals have begun to catch on to the advantages of this living arrangement. With Communal “co-living” catching on as low-cost housing alternative, it’s worth taking a look at just a few of the non-monetary benefits of sharing living space with others.

Interested San Francisco residents can read full article about coliving or read on to find an introduction to some of the many benefits of this thoroughly modern rental strategy.

Sense of Community

Many young Americans find that they lack a distinct sense of community. While a little independence is a good thing, a sense of community is essential for maintaining a positive attitude and good mental health. According to, coliving arrangements give tenants an easy way to form meaningful relationships with others who share their interests and ideals.

Support Networks

Residents in this type of living situation spaces typically develop meaningful relationships with one another. This adds resiliency to their social lives by giving them a support network to fall back on in difficult times. It’s much easier to seek advice from a trusted friend who shares a living space than it is to turn to the Internet and other less organic relationships.

Balance of Private and Public Space

Intentional community living doesn’t have to mean sharing a room with strangers. Although those who are looking for the most budget-friendly option can rent beds in dorms, many coliving spaces also provide private bedrooms for an extra cost. This allows residents to take advantage of both private spaces and shared public spaces outside of their rooms.

Environmental Benefits

Coliving isn’t just good for residents’ wallets and their peace of mind. It’s also better for the environment. Traditional housing arrangements just aren’t ecologically sustainable, but coliving spaces can help to solve that problem. They allow residents to share resources, cutting down on the use of electricity, heating fuel, and other valuable resources.

Skill Sharing

Everyone in the typical cohousing facility has a different skill-set. Some residents will be expert cooks, while others will be skilled gardeners or master handymen. Not only will coliving allow residents to pool all of these skills to make everyone’s lives easier, but it will also give each person living in the coliving unit the chance to learn from others and share their own skills.

Lasting Friendships

Most residents of this kind of community don’t intend to stay there forever, but that doesn’t detract from how meaningful the friendships forged in these environments can be. The deep connections that come from cooking, planning, and engaging in meaningful activities together won’t just disappear if one member moves out. They’ll last a lifetime.

Living with someone isn’t just for college students. It’s also a great solution for young professionals, single workers, and even families. Urbanests provide plenty of options, including beds in shared, dormitory-style rooms, private bedrooms, and even full apartments. This allows renters of any age to find the perfect solution to meet their unique needs and budgets.

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