First Class Roofing Expands Their Service Area to Help More People

First Class Roofing, Melbourne’s leading roofing repair and installation business, are expanding their services to reach the greater Melbourne area. This includes establishing new offices in northern areas of Melbourne, such as Preston, and adding to their number of work vehicles. These new expansions and additions will enable First Class Roofing to reach the new areas easier and faster, and better serve the market in these areas.

First Class Roofing’s expansions are fueled by a recognised need for better roofing services in these areas. A majority of the homes in these suburbs on the city’s fringes are either seeing big expansion as the city grows, or aging and in need of roof repairs, having been built in the 80s or earlier. “Proper roofing is important, as its often the roof which dictates how long a home will stand. It’s the first thing to go as a house ages, but is often neglected and left too late to salvage,” stated Michael Lanyon, owner and founder of First Class Roofing. “People don’t notice their roofs are caving in until it’s too late. We’re hoping to fix that”.

First Class Roofing are experts in their field, and have been serving the Melbourne area for over 25 years. They specialise in Melbourne roof restoration and repairs, for tile and metal roofs, as well as Colorbond roofing installation. They plan to continue expanding as they grow, offering services to regional areas of Melbourne such as Pakenham and Williamstown in the future. They are hoping to partner with local businesses and suppliers as they grow, in an effort to continue providing the high level of service quality their current customers experience.

“Without proper, reliable roofing services available, the new homes being built as these outer suburbs development are going to face the same problems the older homes are now. An entire roof shouldn’t have to be replaced simply because a small part of it is broken.” Lanyon is hoping that the expansions will help First Class Roofing establish themselves as a reputable business in these new areas of the city.

About First Class Roofing:

First Class Roofing are Melbourne’s leading roofing specialists. With more than 25 years of roofing experience they can work on any roof and deliver incredible results. Their services include roof repairs, roof restorations, tile roofing, metal roofing and Colorbond steel roofing. They can solve any roofing issue their customers may have and deliver stunning results fast. For more information on the business and their services, visit

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