International Non-Government Organization OMPP/WOFP Certified Cryptocurrency PAZ Coin Announces Listing on Global Exchange on Nov 30, 2019

Cryptocurrency PazCoin, the world’s first coin certified by International Non-Government Organization, is expected to be listed on a global exchange at the end of this month. PAZ coin is known to be ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency’. It aims to raise its fundamental value by utilizing the global network and creating a remittance/payment system for effective donations and currency exchanges. Paz Systems, which comprise of experts in each field, have been built to accommodate fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market. Paz Systems will be launching Paz-Remittance for remittance, PazDex(Decentralized Exchange) for transparent and safe exchanges, and PazTalk for real-time translation and decentralized messenger.

In August 2019, Secretary General of Asia and Pacific Area of OMPP/WOFP Antonio Hyun-Jong Lee asserted that “Currently, when sending remittances or donations to NGOs, one has to bear a large amount of fee. Since Paz Remittance Global System allows cryptocurrency to be exchanged and deposited in the receiving country’s currency, it reduces fee burden and makes expedient processing possible.” In order to build and execute such services, it plans to establish PAZ Foundation in Singapore.

PazDex, established in different countries via global network, is easily accessible anywhere. It supports centralized UI/ UX, convenient exchange means, and the customer support system. PAZ Foundation officials claims “As PazDex is a decentralized system, we plan to establish a handy UI/UX and provide the integrated wallet in order to make asset management and exchange using wallet simpler. We also have the solution to the liquidity problem by cooperating with Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange CEX”. Using PazTalk, also a decentralized system, PAZT can be sent to the receiver conveniently. Unlike previous SNS whereby a message is sent through the main server system, PazTalk is constructed to allow the participants to send and receive essential information.

PAZT is compatible with Ethereum, embracing all strengths of Ethereum, and has been implemented through GoChain making the TPS speed 100 times faster than Ethereum, thus PAZT has established itself as a stable coin. Transmission cost of GoChain is 7500 times lower than that of Ethereum. GoChain ( supports Smart Contract and DApp, and it is compatible with every program based on Ethereum.

The Secretary General of Asia and Pacific Area of OMPP/WOFP, Antonio Hyun Jong Lee said “PAZT and PAZ Systems which started off from PAZ Foundation form a cooperative partnership and constitute a panel of global experts. We aim to build a new market order within Blockchain system and Cryptocurrency market and engage us to reform cryptocurrency to be applied and established in our daily lives as an important means for true happiness.”

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