CoinTiger Accelerates Its Business Ecosystem in the Global Markets

In recent years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Given the cross-border nature of cryptocurrency, it is an inevitable trend for cryptocurrency exchanges move on globally. As an innovative and global oriented crypto asset exchange platform, CoinTiger has attracted 2.8 million registered users over a short span of two years, with international users accounting for more than 60% in an indication of its significant success in the global markets. 

Beside serving users in more than 150 countries and regions, CoinTiger has also launched an “International Partnership Program” in countries and regions of Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and more, where the Fiat OTC business will be offered and various forms of industrial meet-ups and technical discussions are held from time to time. Meanwhile, CoinTiger will seek cooperation and share liquidity with other crypto exchanges worldwide in the near future.

CoinTiger’s experience in international marketing as follows:

First, CoinTiger picks up assets with a solid community dynamics: In the cryptocurrency industry, many exchange users tend to notice an exchange because of certain tokens, which might include the quality, development, or the production of the project. When selecting currencies, CoinTiger pays particular attention to blockchain projects with a strong user base before doing joint promotion with project owners and turning their existing users into users of CoinTiger.

Second, liquidity management and the holding support via the “Unicorn Booster” Fund: CoinTiger has notice that most international blockchain projects lack of the general idea of liquidity management. Good liquidity is important as it encourages market activeness and attracts investment from users. CoinTiger always urge project owners to maintain effective liquidity management and recommends market makers with proven experience to them for good asset liquidity. Meanwhile, CoinTiger and Ticker Capital have jointly launched the “Unicorn Booster” program to identify high-quality blockchain assets on the platform and further increase the secondary market liquidity of outstanding projects.

Third, target audience promotions to individual markets: CoinTiger uses different operation methods for users in different regions. For example, users in Indonesia and Vietnam, CoinTiger focuses on promotion methods such as airdrops and referral rewards, which are extremely helpful to gain new comers. In response, some users have taken on promotion activities themselves with DIY videos for airdrop rewards. In addition, to attract professional investors in Russia and Southeast Asia, CoinTiger has partnered with Bituniverse to launch a grid trading competition. Therefore, such co-operation with third party platform has improved the SEO effect overall in certain countries which is the key to expand CoinTiger’s ecosystem in the global states.

On top of all that, it is essential to increase word-of-mouth referrals: CoinTiger always emphasized on service and product experience. There is a case where by a Russian user who is also a blockchain blogger provided the wrong address for deposit and got refunded immediately after verification by CoinTiger’s customer support. After that, the user brought a good number of loyal Russian users to CoinTiger. Therefore, high-quality service and product experience or relationship with the users can translate into excellent word-of-mouth reputation and exponential user growth.  

To support its international business development, CoinTiger has set up a market research team responsible for collecting international user data and analyzing applications in terms of age structure, income, and investment experience and preferences. User-centric operations have been the most important factor behind CoinTiger’s great success achieved in international markets in such a short time. CoinTiger will soon put OTC business on its agenda in a significant move expected to further expand and solidify its presence in global industry. 

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