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There are several instances in which people need legal services. Both private citizens and government employees find that they need the assistance of the court to settle disputes in a fair and expedient manner. The Breedlove Firm is skilled in providing clients with legal services that will help them settle cases efficiently, get the compensation they deserve and receive the justice they need to successfully move on with their lives.

The Breedlove Firm provides Police and Fire Civil Service Law services for employees who work in police and fire departments. While these professionals are often seen as community leaders, there are instances where firefighters and police officers need to be defended in court. When a citizen accuses a civil service employee of criminal or suspicious activity, Breedlove Law Firm will review the case and work to bring about the best income for everyone involved.

There are also times when you may need legal representation after you have been hurt at work or you were involved in a car accident. The Breedlove Firm can assess your case to see whether you need compensation for the injuries you have sustained or if you are entitled to receive medical care for an extended period of time. If you are unable to work after being injured or you will be out of work for more than a few weeks, you may need a lawyer on your side to make sure you can maintain your quality of life while you are recovering from your injuries. The law firm also ensures that any healthcare professionals or entities who are providing services to you are operating within proper state and national regulations. If you feel that you are not being cared for in a clinical setting or a physician has mistreated you, the Breedlove Firm will get to the bottom of the case on your behalf.

When couples decide to divorce, the dividing of assets and child custody are often important issues. Breedlove Law Firm works with divorcing couples to provide mediation, so the dissolution of the marriage can occur with minimal conflict. The legal team also works to ensure that children are properly cared for, which means awarding custody to the parent who is best suited to care for the child. It is also helpful to have an attorney on hand to divide real estate property and retirement accounts to ensure that each party receives the financial compensation that is appropriate to the length of the marriage and the role each spouse played in the marriage.

Pamela Breedlove has been practicing law in Louisiana and Georgia since 1992. She has experience helping clients with a number of legal concerns and provides personable and customized service. Whether clients are in need of civil mediation services, have to file for compensation due to healthcare malpractice or injuries or need to go through mediation services in the wake of divorce or child custody, the Breedlove Firm is here to help.

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