Laomiao X Bao BaoWan Cooperation Showed on New York Times Square

November 21, 2019 – Recently, the giant advertisement of the cooperation “Laomiao X Bao BaoWan” launched by famous Chinese jewelry brand, Laomiao Jewelry and internationally renowned designer Ms.Wan has appeared on the large screen of New York Times Square, a global fashion weathervane. Times Square in New York is known as “the crossroads of the world” and has always been a show for major brands around the world. 

As a classic oriental masterpiece, Laomiao Jewelry has appeared on the large screen of New York Times Square. Its exquisite and elegant oriental style, the blend and balance of fashion flavor and oriental charm, have set off a wave of Chinese fashion in Manhattan, a fashionable district in New York, demonstrating the world the pictographic freehand brushwork and modern gorgeous colors of Chinese elements.

Laomiao Jewelry was born in the “Old City God Temple”, the lucky place of blessing in the charming Shanghai. For more than a hundred years, Laomiao Jewelry, relying on the brand’s own good luck culture and the traditional Chinese good luck culture, has incorporated elements with Chinese characteristics into bright jewelry, interpreting the five lucks of “fortune”, “successful”, “longevity”, “happiness” and “treasure”, presenting Chinese fashion jewelry products to consumers and promoting eastern feelings.

The cooperation of”Laomiao X Bao BaoWan”, which was appeared on the big screen of New York Times Square, is a new product jointly launched by Laomiao Jewelry and famous international jewelry designer Ms. Wan. The new product integrates modern aesthetics and fashion design concepts through ingenious conception, combines the century-old details with the fashion, and the impression also intuitively shows the oriental flavor which the brand hopes to present. Ms.Wan herself, because of her jewelry works, has been loved by many jewelry lovers and by the British Museum Gallery, which has been reported many times by Chinese and foreign media.

In random interviews on the streets of New York, many passers-by paid attention to the jewelry cooperation of “Laomiao X Bao BaoWan”. They expressed their love for new Chinese jewelry, recognized the beauty of oriental culture and were eager to understand Chinese culture. Among them, they are especially enthusiastic about the “Standing High” series, which has the appearance of green bamboo and contains the blessing of promotion and salary increase, and expect to enjoy more oriental and meaningful jewelry products covering Chinese culture in the future.

In retrospect, Laomiao Jewelry, a well-known Chinese jewelry brand that experienced the heyday of the century, is well versed in the essence of Chinese jewelry culture and uses classics to control fashion so that jewelry lovers around the world can understand the Chinese lucky culture that has been passed on for centuries. Looking to the future, the appearance of Laomiao Jewelry in New York Times Square as a “new Chinese style” is not only based on confidence in China’s excellent traditional culture, but also an important step towards brand internationalization.

In the future, Laomiao Jewelry welcomes worldwide visitors with oriental jewelry in the essence of good luck, promote the beauty of oriental jewelry, and show the charm and elegant demeanour of traditional Chinese culture to the world.

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