Technology-driven era dividend, HAC leads the ecological construction of holographic + blockchain

People often lament how time flies。This feeling will grow deeper with the changes of the times.Because of the progress of The Times,Many scenes that used to exist only in fairy tales have quietly become reality.

The development of the times and the progress of technology have promoted the birth of the unique business investment opportunities in human history, and greatly changed the work and life scenes of human beings. For instance, Bill Gates and Windows, jack Ma and Taobao, these two well-known figures and the products they create are changing the way of human life.This kind of business opportunities arising from the revolution of technology and era life ,we generally call it”era dividend”,which refers to the exploitable business opportunities contained in a specific time point and technology development structure.Today, with the ever-changing technology iterations, who will lead the next “time dividend” in the field of science and technology?The seemingly peaceful field of science and technology is actually a dark and turbulent one.

A new era dividend business opportunities

Holographic industry, although there are a lot of friends is not clear the meaning of this word, but this technology has a tremendous impact on our lives.Holographic technology, a simple explanation is that similar like a virtual animation scene space, appearing in your life around, we can collectively call this virtual reality technologyas holography.

In 1947, the Hungarian scientist Dennis proposed holography such a new concept of imaging in the process of studying electron microscope.However, limited to the poor conditions at that time,the image quality of holography is very poor. In the 1960s, Goodman, Lawrence and others proposed the new holographic concept of digital holography, which initiated the era of precision holography. Time and space have moved to modern times. With the progress of science and technology, holographic technology continued to improve and has gradually entered people’s life from the academic.

Avatar – Open the Pandora’s Box of the 2 trillion market

Driven by science fiction films such as Avatar and Iron man, the game and entertainment industries are highly integrated with holographic technology. The great changes of holographic era have officially crept into our lives. From advertisement, entertainment, game, lifeallsorts of visual field, willproduce a tremendous visual change.

According to the market research of Citibank, in 2035, the holographic market will grow to US $216 billion. In fact, the top research institutions around the world started to lay out the application of holographic industry as early as 10 years ago, and the industrial convergence structure has gradually formed a trend of alliance from the past individual loose.

HAC holographic virtual reality media cloud Mining Group is a standard integrated system of upstream and downstream manufacturers alliance of holographic industry supply chain and R&D combined with the market. Through the alliance of technology and IP licensing + hardware production supply chain, the technology can be applied on the ground, and there are more resources linked with artificial intelligence technology, and on the digital copyright protection, combined with block chain technology.

Since its establishment, HAC holographic virtual reality media cloud mining group has focused on various professional technology research work in the field of holographic technology. Since its establishment, HAC holographic virtual reality media cloud mining group has focused on various professional technology research work in the field of holographic technology. Aiming at the integration of hardware technology and 3d multimedia holographic application technology, it has a variety of holographic application technology and a variety of content IP property rights for integration investment. Based on the development dividend of global holographic industry, top VR holographic media and technology companies in various fields are gathered to reach strategic investment cooperation to create the world’s first holographic industry alliance.

HAC combines holography + artificial intelligence + blockchain leading edge technology

HAC holographic industry alliance, the core of its technology, focuses on the strategic mode of connecting virtual reality content, media application and full-scene technology application research and development. It is the first ecological system in the holographic industry that integrates AI artificial intelligence technology and synchronous embedding block chain foreword technology to protect creators and consumers. The application of holographic cloud mining system will not only string up the ecosphere, but also generate a huge block chain development and application, integrate with the surrounding economic benefits and AI technology application module, and finally introduce the 5G era to create another new era revolution through the latest technology of mobile application technology.

Up to now, HAC has signed more than 360 international companies, ranging from hardware and software to IP property rights and production. With 25 wholly-owned support media studios and over 500 professionals through equity mergers and acquisitions. Holographic and 3D media content producers, and assist with logistics animation assistance for many international films. Including Avatar, Star Wars, Avengers Series, DG Justice League series, ID4 new film program, and other signed and upcoming production projects totaling more than 56 movies and short films.

HAC has formed an avant-garde business network around the world, including the Technology + Business Headquarters in the United States, the Asia Pacific Advertising + Cloud Computing Operations Center in Singapore, and the Greater China Advertising Operations Center in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In the future, HAC will further explore the Asia-Pacific market, starting from the Greater China region and the upcoming new Matai region, dig deep into the global market, and move towards becoming the most powerful group in the global VR advertising scale and technology development.

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