Preventative Maintenance for Trucks Can Help Avoid Major Repair Costs Down the Road

Preventative Maintenance for Trucks Can Help Avoid Major Repair Costs Down the Road

All transportation companies and many other service providers rely on fleets of vehicles to keep business running as usual. Getting drivers, materials, and inventory where it needs to go on time requires keeping those vehicles in good operational condition to avoid breakdowns. Read on to find out how preventative maintenance can help avoid unnecessary breakdowns, saving drivers time and company owners or shareholders’ money.

Avoid Engine Damage

During a routine preventative maintenance visit, the technician will check all engine diagnostic alerts. These alerts range from cylinder misfires to incorrect air-to-fuel ratios, but any engine diagnostic alert can spell trouble for drivers and fleet managers so it’s important to take all of them seriously. Preventative maintenance addresses potential engine problems before they become serious enough to cause a breakdown.

Early Warning of Impending Damage

Many truck problems start small and easy to manage but progress to a more serious state over time. Scheduling preventive maintenance visits at Ferguson Truck Center allows trained technicians to perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection, ensuring that they will catch potential issues early. Since it’s much less expensive to replace one small, malfunctioning part than it is to perform extensive, system-wide repairs once the damage has spread.

Prevent Breakdowns When it Matters Most

When a fleet vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, it costs the company a lot of money. They have to pay for towing, emergency repairs, and additional hours for the driver stuck dealing with the breakdown. Vehicle breakdowns can also cost companies money by preventing drivers from arriving on time to deliver products or perform services. This often hurts customer satisfaction rates and leads to lost business, negatively impacting the company’s bottom line.

Minimize Downtime

Preventative maintenance visits don’t usually take very long. Even a full bumper-to-bumper check can be performed in a few hours. Extensive repairs, on the other hand, require fleet managers to take the vehicle out of commission for days or even weeks. It’s much better to schedule shorter, pre-planned maintenance visits than to deal with sudden, unexpected breakdowns.

Lower Drivers’ Operational Costs

Well-maintained vehicles cost less to drive than those that are constantly on the verge of breaking down. Changing out fluids and filters according to the trucks’ maintenance schedules helps to conserve fuel economy, as does ensuring that the tires are aligned, properly inflated, and in good condition. With a full tune-up, fleet managers can expect their drivers to get up to 10% better fuel economy. This helps to keep operational costs low even when vehicles do not need repairs, further improving companies’ profit margins.

Get Help Now

Fleet managers who want to learn more about preventative maintenance programs can find more info here. Those who already know it’s time to schedule maintenance for their fleet vehicles can visit to learn about one company that can help. The company has been in business since 1988. At the Truck Center, dedicated mechanics provide everything from preventative maintenance and DOT inspections to emergency towing and truck repair. Visit them online today.

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