Atlanta’s Pothole Issue Includes Parking Lots

Atlanta\'s Pothole Issue Includes Parking Lots

Countless residents and visitors alike have insisted Georgia has some of the worst roads in the region. Though some people in other areas of the nation might beg to differ, the state’s roads are certainly in a severe state of disrepair. Some even say Atlanta’s roadways might be among the roughest in the state.

On top of that, many are pointing out the roads aren’t the only problems to be considered. In fact, the city’s sidewalks and parking lots are leaving a number of people shaken up as well. Services like those available via could help ease the turbulence.

What’s Behind Atlanta’s Broken Roads?

By and large, overuse has been deemed the primary culprit behind the rapidly deteriorating condition of Atlanta’s roads, parking lots and certain other hardscapes. Based on a report released earlier this year, it currently ranks in eighth place among the country’s fastest-growing large cities. Some forecasts estimate the city could gain yet another 2.5 million residents within the next 20 years.

Aside from the surging influx of residents, a number of businesses are also making their homes in Atlanta. This, in turn, brings in an ever-growing volume of commuters and visitors. While this is certainly welcome news, it’s also taking an unexpected toll on those areas most traveled.

Some point out a lack of funding is hindering much-needed repairs, but others are quick to mention there should be no reason for a lack of funding as businesses and residents are paying their taxes for just such situations. Certain people feel a simple lack of organization is at fault. Still, others believe those in charge just don’t have their priorities in the right places.

Is There a Solution to the Problem?

Any number of potential solutions to this problem have been proposed by city officials and frustrated residents alike. New divisions of the Department of Transportation dedicated specifically to road and parking lot construction and repairs have been mentioned. Allowing business owners to take matters into their own hands more freely has been likewise been suggested. Either way, companies like Custom Concrete INC. are certainly bound to be major players in solving the issue.

These locally based concrete installation and repair companies have ample experience in building and maintaining sidewalks, parking lots, and a wide range of other constructions. They also offer services focused on adding decorative elements and completing beautification projects. Since they’re local, they have personal interests vested in the community as well. This aspect alone speaks volumes.

Atlanta’s declining roads, parking lots and sidewalks didn’t reach their present condition overnight. This current state of affairs is the result of years of overuse and neglect. Repairing them isn’t going to be an instantaneous process, either. It will take time, patience, and cooperation from a number of different angles.

Offering a wide range of commercial and residential concrete design, installation, repair, and replacement services, Custom Concrete specializes in stamped, decorative and resurfaced concrete as well as customized applications. The company serves all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas and is dedicated to providing top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Those interested may find more here about the company and its services.

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