Sean Dampte’s New Hit Single, “Life, Money, Happiness,” Gains International Attention

England, UK – Sean Dampte, an African Giant renowned by international audiences as a performer, singer, and songwriter, has announced the release of his new hit single, “Life, Money, Happiness.” The release of the single comes on digital platforms to audiences worldwide in anticipation of Dampte’s album release next year.

LMH! is a song of triumph and motivation, shining light on Dampte’s internal struggles following disclosure that he almost took his life last year. Speaking recently about his new single, ‘Life, Money, Happiness,’ Dampte opened up to the media about what inspired the song, revealing it speaks directly to the essence of living. While going through self-described periods of hell, despite his success and the growth of his fanbase in the AfroBeat community, Dampte’s mood was challenging his view on life and living.

“While recording this track, a lot was happening,” remarked Dampte. “This track means more to me than just music. This track is the essence of living! That is how we came up with the track, because truly with love, that’s all we need! I can only hope you will enjoy coming with me on this journey! To you, my friends and family, I wish you lot the best with “Life, Money, Happiness.’

Dampte’s inspirational message will resonate with global audiences, encouraging them to find happiness and purpose in their lives. Young or old, LMH! will be a hit. The single echoes Dampte’s belief that the sole purpose of living is to have a life of money and happiness.

Dampte has been featured on a number of radio and television stations, including BBC3CR in the UK, Beat FM in Lagos, TrafficFM in Lagos, 254Radio in Nairobi, MTVBase, MTVEurope, and BET International. Generating millions of downloads from fans around the world, Dampte has been able to inspire and tell stories through his artistic work, Afrobeats, and unique cultural styles and approaches. Dampte will bring such flavor and variety to his upcoming full-range album.

Dampte will release a follow-up single in mid-December, and a full-range EP/Album is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2020. Dampte and Friends will be performing next month in London, England.

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About Sean Dampte

Sean Dampte, an African Giant and artiste, started off singing in the choir as a child. After discovering his innate talent for rhymes, wordplay, metaphors, and songwriting, Dampte began writing his own pieces with inspiration from the likes of King Sunny Ade (KSA), Ebenezer Obey, and other Nigerian musical heavyweights. As he rapidly gains international attention for his Afrobeats and unique artistic style, Dampte continues to blend his style with rap tinged in African undertones.

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