Amazing Escapes Offer Different Escape Rooms with Different Themes

When it comes to fun and games, there’s no better than doing a session of escape rooms, the latest craze in teen and young adult entertainment. People are locked inside a room and work together to solve puzzles and clues in order to get out. Amazing Escapes offer several creatively themed rooms.

Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years. It attracts the attention of younger people who are looking for a form of entertainment that pushes them to use their mental skills and solve problems. Escape rooms are a great way to form meaningful connections with friends and colleagues because, in order to get out of the room, they are required to work together in solving puzzles, piecing together clues, and finding hidden meaning around the room. Amazing Escapes offer all that and more. They are not only limited to one theme but offer a variety of different rooms. They have a Titanic-themed room, a demolition room, and a countdown terror room.

From friends to colleagues, everyone is sure to have a wonderful time inside one of the escape rooms that Amazing Escapes offer. Many who have tried their rooms have remarked on how exciting it is to play their games and how much fun they all have had. The founders of Amazing Escapes are a fan of escape rooms themselves. They set out to create one that doesn’t only offer a single themed room but multiple ones for customers to choose. Their clues and puzzles were designed to be challenging yet solvable. They offer a great way for friends to strengthen their bonds by challenging themselves in solving puzzles. And it’s also a great way for colleagues to get to know each other, know their strengths and weaknesses by putting themselves in challenging situations.

Amazing Escapes is located in Boise and they operate from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. They cater to private team building as well as private events either a single room or multiple rooms. Anyone can play, even those under the age of 16 provided that the entire room is booked privately. Many corporate events, birthdays, and team building sessions have happened inside Amazing Escapes all to the delight of the customers who really enjoyed the challenging puzzles that each room presents.

For those interested in booking a room, they can visit Amazing Escapes at 6555 W Overland Rd, Suite 120 or visit their website,

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