This article highlights the Career Pathway Program in the Ogden School District and their many achievements in 2019. The article also discusses the importance of the Career Pathway Program for students in Utah due to the growing importance of post-secondary education.

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Ogden school district offers one of the best Career Pathway Programs in the state of Utah for the improvement of college and career readiness in students. The Career Pathway Program was created to help high school students gain valuable transferable skills and college credit. Through the program, students enroll in a course of classes related to a topic or industry they are interested in, where they are then able to take applicable classes while also gaining practical experience in the industry.

In 2019 Ogden High School’s Health Science program was named best in the state of Utah. Ogden High School had 69 students complete 96 pathways in the 2018-2019 school year. The highest concentration of students taking and completing courses through tech colleges in Utah also exists within the Ogden School District at Ben Lomond High School. In the 2018-2019 school year, Ben Lomond had 82 students complete 116 pathways. The Career Pathway Program in the Ogden School District provides students with a competitive edge entering the workforce or college atmosphere. Through relevant certifications and education, students benefit from a top of the line program. There are 25 different pathways for students to explore, from the study of automotive and aerospace topics to business and medical fields, the Career Pathway Program provides multiple industries for students to study.

Students attending Career Pathway Programs are given the opportunity to get hands-on experience that can help them determine their area of study in college. In the state of Utah, 54% of college students graduate with a degree in a different field than what they initially declared. Through the Career Pathway Program, students learn about different subjects and industries in a real environment which allows them to determine a major they are passionate about early on. The process of Career Pathways ultimately saves students money and time. As Post-Secondary Education or additional training after high school becomes increasingly essential, the job market becomes more competitive. High schoolers are expected to gain more training or education after they graduate. Students who participate in the Career Pathway Program are set up for success, as they greatly benefit from the head start they get in their post-secondary education.

To learn more about the Career Pathways Program read quotes from participating students below and click here for more information.

“Taking a CTE course can’t harm you. It can only benefit you with certificates that look good on resumes and scholarship applications. I would recommend taking a CTE pathway because it provides you with skills and you’re not just doing bookwork; it’s hands-on, practicing skills that will benefit your future.” – Nicholas Sikes, OHS graduate (Health Sciences)

“Ever since I took my first health science class I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. After much thought and consideration I decided I wanted to be a nurse. I took a CNA class my junior year and fell in love with my job at the George E. Wahlen Veteran’s Home. I did an internship with WSU my senior year. I will do a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then a masters degree in either administration or nurse practitioner.” – Sara Scalise (Nursing Services Pathway)

“By completing my CTE pathway I have been prepared for life after high school because I have learned real world experience that will help me get a job as soon as I graduate.” – Sidnee Myers, OHS (Engineering Pathway)

“Completing my machining CTE pathway has done several things to help prepare me for life after high school. It has taught me to see a goal through to the end, even when it would have been easier to give up. The pathway I completed has also taught me a lot of hands on skills that I will be able to apply when I join the workforce as a machinist. Completing the pathway has helped to set me up for success in the future.” – Aaron Pluim, OHS and OWTC student. (Advanced Manufacturing: Machine Tool Pathway)

“Going to the ATC I was in the barbering program. The barbering program was really fun and taught me many things like communication skills and learning to work with others. One big thing I learned was hard work and motivation because if I didn’t do my work and tests, they had the power to dismiss me, so I always stayed on track. Now I have graduated with a barbering and business license plus a fun job I love.” – Martin Hernandez, Jr. BL and OWTC student (Personal Services: Barbering Pathway)

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The Ogden School District consists of thirteen neighborhood elementary schools (K-6), three junior high schools (7-9), two comprehensive high schools (10-12), one alternative high school and one youth-in care school. The district faculty and staff serve approximately 11,500 students and their families. Ogden School District’s vision is to empower excellence through education!

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