Diamond Painting – The Coolest and Sparkling Stress Buster

Relax yourself the unconventional way!

India – November 22, 2019 – Diamond painting is a new hobby, which originated in the East and has gained popularity among handicraft fans worldwide. It combines different activity types and is also known as diamond art, mosaic or embroidery.

This trend is getting bigger as people discover how easy it is to make stunning artwork with minimal tools and affordable kits that include all your materials. You only need a fabric printed design chart, different colors of diamonds, a diamond applicator tool, and a tub of wax. The applicator tool is basically a pen with a metal tip that you dip into your wax and then use to pick up an individual diamond. You then transfer the diamond to a corresponding square on the fabric design chart. Each square will have a number that corresponds to a diamond color as indicated by the number-to-color legend on the chart.

The picture creating process is very entertaining and can be enjoyable for both kids and adults. Once you’ve started, it is impossible to stop until you finish the whole painting. Watch the time as it will pass by very quickly!

The final picture is vibrant, volumetric and textured. The rhinestones sparkle and shine beautifully in the light. This type of painting will be an unusual and innovative addition to your interior. The kit is packaged in a colourful box and can be a perfect gift for any occasion for your loved ones.

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