Australia EAORON smear-on hydrants sell well in COSTCO

COSTCO, a US retail giant famous for its strict selection of global quality, is becoming a touchstone for international brands.  Reporters learned that EAORON, an Australian skin care brand with the name of “medical beauty geek”, has its explosive product smear-on hydrating needle on COSTCO’s hot-selling list, becoming the most popular skin care product among global consumers in COSTCO.  Reporters learned that, as the inventor of the global smear-on hydrating needle, the smear-on hydrating needle produced by EAORON, a major skin care product, completely solves the defect that the hydrating needle needs to be injected and can be used only by external smearing, thus attracting a large number of beauty lovers to hoard goods and purchase.

Jane, a lawyer working in Sydney, said that she is a “loyal fan” of EAORON smear-type water-based needles. unlike traditional water-based needles, which require injection, EAORON’s world-first smear-based penetration technology allows hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate directly into the muscle floor through external application of epidermis.  “the weather is very dry now, the super moisturizing function of EAORON is the” savior “of autumn and winter. although only two boxes have been” snatched “this time, next time, I plan to take a holiday to stock up before the working day, taking advantage of the shortage of people.”

The head of marketing for the EAORON brand said that as a weathervane and trendsetter in the Australian beauty industry, EAORON Aorong is the inventor of the world’s first smear-on hydrating needle, and this product is also the top export list of Australian cosmetics. EAORON Aorong smear-on hydrating needle and COSTCO of the United States reached a strategic cooperation very early on, and entered COSTCO’s major stores all over the world, continuously selling out of stock.

The secret of the best-selling of Australia’s EAORON smear-on hydrants comes from EAORON’s strong core research and development strength.  It is reported that EAORAN, as the world’s first smear-type water needle, micromolecules hyaluronic acid and other effective components and quickly penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin in the form of smears, allowing the skin to become beautiful safely without injection.  Since the product was officially launched in 2015, it has insisted on self-iteration every year. At present, the product has been upgraded to the fifth generation, with further improvement in water replenishment, which is 5 times as much as the first generation of water needle.  In addition, the latest EAORON smear-on hydrating needle also adds plant essences such as dragon blood tree, blood-accumulating grass, seaweed and the like, effectively improving the functions of antioxidation, moisturizing, soothing and maintaining, reforming rough skin and the like.

It is reported that the super-strong efficacy of EAORON smear-on water needle has attracted many stars.  Among them, Zhang Jingchu used to “Amway” this hydrating artifact in many public occasions, saying that EAORON hydrating needles and facial masks have become necessary cosmetics for her when she goes out to film.  Former Australian Prime Ministers JOHN HOWARD, TONY ABBOTT, and current Prime Minister SCOTT MORRISON have also signed and praised EAORON Glitter, affirming its outstanding contribution to the innovation of Australia’s cosmetics industry.

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