King: Define new gameplay in the game domain

The blockchain, a term coined by Bitcoin, is now a fundamental context for project time. Based on this, KING as a epoch-making product came into being. It is committed to establishing a decentralized and autonomous community game assets platform, its community ecology through Token digital assets to integrate all parties, Ecological co-construction, win-win cooperation.


Innovation has always been a crucial word in games. Innovation means the flow, and in the invisible leading the trend of different periods. King answers this question by actually defining a new way of playing the game.

King’s design concept is to bring good entertainment and playability to online games, to all parties to bring a more safe, fair and independent game environment. It solves the existing problems of online games by integrating blockchain and games, and by constructing community ecological system. This is a brand new breakthrough in the field of games, and is also a proof of concept of innovation. At the same time, King with its decentralized global game blockchain function, conducive to the chain of game assets on the permanent preservation, the ability to add e-commerce assets and intelligent distribution, and blockchain-based smart contracts throughout the entire ecosystem. All of these protect the real rights and interests of the users.

King, on the other hand, is backed by the GARENA and the blockchain decentralized platform ImBroker. Under the background of strong-strong Joint Project, King set up a new ecological system as a macro-goal. Among them, Garena has a strong strength in the promotion of Video Games, the introduction of large game companies, distributors and players. Unlike traditional digital currency exchanges, ImBroker is designed to provide multiple value-added services to its customers, relying on digital currency brokerage services In order to let the customer in the digital currency transaction easier, more professional, more profitable. In IBK BIG ECOLOGY, the game KING is an important branch, and in Southeast Asia and many other countries strong landing.


In a project, the technical architecture is the foundation work. King’s architecture is based on the Consensus Algorithm and the integrated bottom-level Algorithm of DPOS + PBFT, combined with the pipeline low-coupling architecture, to meet the operational needs of DApp in the transaction chain, and to allow business partners to freely develop their own ecological roles Realize the function of personalized service.

The benefits are believed to be of the greatest concern to all. King’s incentive system is divided into two parts: daily income and revenue sharing. Customers can purchase the key through IBK or USDT and receive a daily return of 0.6% to 1.1% of the key price. In the sharing income, divides into the direct promotion award, the Sharing Award and the management award. Direct push reward 10% take 1 generation, share 1 person take 1 generation, share 2 people take 2 generation; first generation 20%, second generation 10%. The management prize reaps 4% of the global revenue from each level on a daily basis. The system has been improved to become KING’s final incentive system.

How do you really define a new way of playing a game? King’s time is coming.

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