Sustainable Marketplace Leaf’d Plans To Tackle Climate Change Head On

Leaf’d, The Green Marketplace that curates eco-friendly and sustainable products, aims to tackle climate change head on.

Leaf’d, an online marketplace that curates and offers eco-friendly and sustainable products ranging from baby items to tiny homes, plans to tackle climate change head on. The unique marketplace, which started its journey in July 2019, has managed to build a network of 90 vendors within eight months and has more than 360 products to offer. The owners said that their mission is to bring together social responsibility, environmental protection, and economic practices. They also maintained that a new eco-celebrity will soon be onboard!

Leaf’d launched its new green marketplace for exclusively sustainable and eco-friendly products in July 2019. CEO and Founder Adrienne Kessler, passionate environmentalist, announced the launch of the company in July 2019. After an autoimmune disorder caused by chemicals in the entertainment industry (Adrienne is a world renowned hair dresser) forced Adrienne to leave her career, she knew she had to inform others on the importance of sustainability. Leaf’d is streamlined to make sustainable shopping more accessible for every online consumer.

“Climate change is dire. My mission is to green the globe, one person at a time by offering eco-friendly products that don’t harm the environment,” said Adrienne. Since its recent launch, Leaf’d has partnered with nearly 100 like-minded brands that are vetted through a criterion of sustainable standards:

Leaf’d’s purpose and passion is to reverse the tides of climate change by offering exclusively eco-friendly options. The online marketplace now offers home, fashion, beauty, food, health, kid and pet products. The owners maintained that they will soon add tiny homes, solar panels, lighting, furniture, flooring, and hardware products to their vendor list.

Leaf’d philosophy stands strong on five pillars or values, namely Fair Trade, No Animal Cruelty, Fair Labor and Wages, Inclusivity and Diversity, and Transparency.

Adrienne Kessler, CEO at Leaf’d, said that the company started as Heal Estate, a company offering sustainable choices for real estate and construction industries. However, the mission of the older company gradually expanded to become a part of the ongoing global sustainable movement and Leaf’d was born in the process. The Green Team of Leaf’d consists of real people who want to save the planet for this generation and many more to come.

Leaf’d, the Los Angeles, California based company, now aims to make sustainable living a reality for everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, or economic position. The owners believe that uniting the sustainable movement is an effective way to tackle the climate change head on.

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Leaf’d is an online marketplace promoting the sustainable movement by offering eco-friendly products.

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