From Diet and Exercise to Crestor Generic and Medications, Is Finding Ways to Combat High Cholesterol

From Diet and Exercise to Crestor Generic and Medications, Is Finding Ways to Combat High Cholesterol

People are becoming more conscious of their health these days. Reports show the majority of Americans are making efforts to improve their fitness levels and lose weight among other health-related goals. While improved self-esteem is a common objective, their overall hopes for such endeavors are reducing the risks of developing an endless list of potentially dangerous medical conditions and living longer, higher-quality lives. You’ll find one article after another touting the benefits of these efforts.

With all this in mind, current medical reports seem to contrast the nation’s health and wellness goals. A massive lineup of medical conditions is surfacing, and a continually swelling portion of the public appears to be suffering from failing health. One widespread issue is high cholesterol. This condition places people at risk for a wide range of health problems. Although companies like Blink Health are making attempts to help reduce the problem and its associated dangers, the prevalence of high cholesterol remains somewhat surprising.

How Far Does the Risk Run?

Based on the latest reports from the medical sector, over 95 million adults in America have cholesterol levels above 200 milligrams per deciliter. An estimated 12% of the population tests in the 240 range or above with HDLs, or good cholesterol, of less than 40. Though this problem is typically associated with adults, it has spread well beyond the grown-up sector. Some 7% of those ages 6 to 19 now suffer from elevated cholesterol levels as well.

To put matters into perspective, sources say healthy total cholesterol levels should remain below 200 milligrams per deciliter for adults. For the previously mentioned good cholesterol, levels of 60 or higher are recommended. When it comes to children and teens, total levels should be less than 170.

Combating The Issue

According to, as well as numerous medical publications, it’s possible for some to balance out their good and bad cholesterol levels by making certain diet and lifestyle changes. Cutting out or reducing the amounts of fast foods, fried treats, pre-packaged baked goods, and other cholesterol-laden items being consumed can make a significant difference. Adding in more heart-healthy fats, like those found in seeds, nuts, avocados and some types of fish, also goes a long way toward improved health. Of course, exercise ramps up the effects.

That being said, not everyone is capable of controlling those cholesterol levels via diet and exercise alone. Many need the added assistance of medications. Prescription medications combined with increased physical activity and better eating habits can have a tremendous positive impact. Still, some people are unable to take conventional pills for various reasons. A recent write-up entitled FDA Approves Sprinkle Formulation of Rosuvastatin notes a new alternative is now available for those in this category.

Though a number of people are aware of the need for such medications, many simply can’t afford the popular alternatives. This leaves them going without the prescriptions they need to help control cholesterol or not taking enough of the medicine to reap its full benefits. In some cases, lower-cost alternatives may help bridge the gap.

Despite the ongoing and continually growing movement to achieve better health and fitness, certain medical issues are persevering. High cholesterol is one of the most common. From lifestyle changes to prescription medications, a number of proactive and reactive measures are effective in reducing the risks.

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