UpService.Site is Revolutionizing Organic Web Hosting

In the past years, one big mistake that entrepreneurs often do is neglecting to choose the right host that will take care of their websites. They sometimes forget that a high-performing and reliable host is an important part of a website to grow and become successful.

Along with the continuous growth of the business industry, the web hosting industry is also growing and improving. This means that there are huge competition and demand for web hosting providers nowadays; therefore, business owners and their businesses should know how to choose the best web hosting company that is perfectly suited for their businesses.

Who is UpService.Site?

UpService.Site, a top-performing monitoring company, is known to have a reputation of providing an affordable and the best uptime monitoring services. They have helped numerous businesses improve their operations. Aside from providing excellent uptime monitoring service, UpService.Site is now revolutionizing organic web hosting.

What is Organic Web Hosting?

Organic web hosting is best defined as a type of hosting service that is accomplished by using a green tactic or environmentally friendly strategies.

Based on studies, an average person spends 24 hours a week on the internet, and every web page that is visited or online video viewed, it consumes the energy in a data center and contributes largely to the environment. The computer a web host use to store and publish a business’s website files also consumes an enormous amount of power.

A typical website also produces at least 6.8 grams of carbon emission in every page load. If this energy is not saved, by the year 2020, these data centers are foreseen to create more pollution than the transportation industry and can harm the environment.

How do data centers contribute to the environment?

It is given that energy is used in web hosting and contributes to powering data centers, but UpService.Site emphasized that organic web hosting uses this energy more responsibly. Other elements that also contribute to organic web hosting include minimizing the use of cooling equipment and with the use of efficient servers. And since organic web hosting makes use of lesser energy, oftentimes, this will also be affordable for businesses.

According to UpService.Site, there are already data centers that have improved their energy efficiency yet, there is still quite a number who uses far more energy than necessary. While data centers are not directly responsible for the huge amount of air pollution, the amount of energy they use contributes to the use of fossil fuels.

The Solutions to Offset Energy Costs

UpService.Site has listed the following solutions to offset energy costs in running a website:

  1. Use of solar power from eco-friendly energy sources.
  2. Purchasing renewable energy certificates from energy companies.
  3. Purchasing electricity from other green companies such as Bullfrog.
  4. Implementing green procedures to lessen energy consumption such as using recycled papers or paperless operations, extra-efficient machines, solar-powered offices, lights-out hours and telecommuting staff.
  5. Donating to non-profit and environmental organizations by planting trees to offset carbon footprints.

The Importance of Organic Web Hosting

The goal of UpService.Site in revolutionizing organic web hosting is to work in minimizing power consumption with the use of renewable energy from sources such as the wind and the sun, rather than fossil fuel electricity.Going completely carbon-neutral is worthy of investment for business owners knowing that they can contribute to preserving the planet while boosting their companies as well.

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more aware and sensitive to the environmental impact of things than before, which is why most of them are choosing products and services while eyeing towards sustainable alternatives.

Compared with other monitoring and web hosting platforms, UpService.Site is putting the company forward in working seriously in revolutionizing organic web hosting. For UpService.Site, they believe that this step of going green is a good start for businesses to show their concern for their environment without sacrificing the quality of service and the growth of a business.

The company states that as they take this big leap, they will continue to provide secure hosting solutions and still guarantees its clients a 99.9% uptime monitoring services.

To know more about the other services the company offers and their wonderful advocacies, feel free to visit now!

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