TRT will be the first gold asset token TGD

It is reported that the world’s first gold jewelry industry eco-certification TRT initiated by the British Golden Bull Foundation has been popular in the global market, and the community nodes with the Greater China region as the core have been rapidly promoted and spread. At present, the technical construction of TRT has begun to take shape, the application effect is significant, and investment cooperation is steadily advancing.

In order to better serve TRT’s global partners and community users, we will establish a highly-consistent community organization to promote better service to the TRT ecosystem and create a new ecosystem for the global gold and jewelry industry. The British Taurus Foundation will officially launch the gold asset token TGD at 15:00 on November 25, 2019 Beijing time.

TGD will correspond to the gold assets of the Suriname Salamaka Gold Mine and the Maihega Gold Mine, and as a means of payment and equity proof of the user’s investment in TRT, investors can enjoy the dividend of TGD asset token and obtain resonance. The issued TRT certificate. That is to protect the user’s right to benefit, to protect the TRT investors, but also allow investors to achieve rapid asset appreciation through the acquisition of TRT.

The issuance of TGD asset tokens has become a unique innovation in the current digital pass issuance. The new exploration of the Taurus Foundation in the blockchain industry will inject new ideas and highlights into the industry and bring ecological transformation to the global gold and jewelry industry. Innovation and breakthrough.

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