Why Hiring the Right Wedding Band Helps Meet Changing Expectations and Trends

As with many things in life, society changes and tastes change with it, and this is no different for anyone involved in the planning of a wedding. For a wedding band in Toronto this means increasingly diverse music tastes, more unusual, exotic locations, and unrealistic expectations from the couple and their families.

However, one reassuring fact is that people are still getting married, with marriage and partnership trends staying largely stable and consistent between 2011 and 2016. This is good news for any wedding band in Toronto who wants to be hired to help the happy couple celebrate their special day.

Why changing tastes pose a wedding band challenge

Widespread use of downloading and streaming platforms such as Spotify has allowed people to be more eclectic than ever over their musical tastes. The sheer breadth of genres and easy availability of new songs, provided in a constant cycle of refreshed and previously unheard content, makes it more likely that any wedding band in Toronto is going to be approached to play an obscure song during a wedding. 

The growth in popularity of non-traditional wedding locations is also a challenge for any wedding band in Toronto. These can now involve anything from an old castle or museum to an outdoors location such as a forest or beach, posing obvious logistical difficulties when trying to access power outlets and place heavy, expensive equipment; sound quality will also be debatable depending on the location.

Expectations are growing for that special day

Many people traditionally splash large amounts of money on their wedding day, to make it as lavish as possible. However, just because budgets are growing, it doesn’t mean this is all finding its way to wedding bands. Some people advise against wedding bands and in favour of a DJ, to enable more of that budget to be spent on other things such as special effects, lighting and professional photographers.

Another very modern-day challenge that a wedding band in Toronto must deal with is expectations – with reality TV in particular causing a spike in unrealistic views on what a wedding day can deliver in terms of music, food and location. The threat of the so-called ‘bridezilla’ is very real for wedding planners and any band who is involved.

Supplying something for everyone

“Changing trends, tastes and expectations are things we are very aware of,” says a spokesperson for Main Event Music, a music events company that supplies wedding bands in Toronto. “This is why we can supply wedding bands that can perform music to suit all desired moods and tastes.

“Our live performers can also produce music that suits each stage of the wedding day – from serious, reflective styles to accompany the vows themselves, something more lively to warm up the guests for the party, and then raucous music when things get really celebratory. Live performers don’t always require extensive equipment and can therefore play in a variety of locations, and they can engage more directly with guests when compared to a DJ.”

About Main Event Music

Main Event Music is a Toronto wedding band organisation that specializes in providing live music entertainment for weddings. Their service includes working with clients to plan the style, tone and timing of wedding bands according to the overall mood and schedule of the day. Main Event Music also provides services for corporate events and music production for live events.  

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